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The one question that kills a job candidate

Don't ask this question in a job interview. Source: Getty

When it comes to job interviews it can be tough to know which questions are off limits, given there are so many dos and don’ts. 

But asking one particular question is a sure-fire way to not get the gig, according to chief brand officer of online fashion company, Revolve, Ressina Gerona. 

“Because of what we do and what the job looks like on social media, it’s a dealbreaker for me when they immediately ask, ‘When do I get to travel?’ Or they say, ‘I can’t wait to go to the parties,’” Gerona told CNBC Make It. 

“Even though I know that feels really exciting to the candidate, to immediately ask about when they get to go on the Revolve Around the World trip puts me off, because it indicates that’s what they want the job for, and that they don’t really see the bigger picture.”

Asking about the perks, Gerona said, makes an employer feel like you may not be after the job for the right reasons.

In a similar vein, asking about salary can land you in hot water too, according to Indeed’s head of career insights Jay Munro. 

What questions do land you the job?

Gerona said asking questions that show you’ve done your research is the key.

“It’s always really fascinating to me when they come prepared knowing the lay of the land,” she said.

“And when I say 'lay of the land', it’s not just the basics of the job that they’re interviewing for, but Revolve’s history, things about [co-founders] Mike [Karanikolas] and Michael [Mente], knowing right off the bat the history and culture and the direction of the company and the multiple brands that we support.”

Munro told Yahoo Finance that half of all employers rate asking the right questions as a top consideration in a job interview. 

“It’s more than research about the company, it’s thought,” he said. 

Munro said a great way to show you’ve put deeper thought into an interview is to look up news articles in relation to not only the company, but the industry you’re going to be working for.

“That way you can ask questions like, ‘what’s the company’s stance on X?’,” Munro said.

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