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Aldi shopper exposes stunning price difference on $348 Coles grocery shop

The shopper said her grocery bill at Aldi was significantly cheaper than Coles.

An Aussie shopper has revealed she shaved more than $50 off the cost of her weekly groceries simply by switching from Coles to Aldi, reigniting the debate about supermarket prices.

Sharing photos of the haul spread out on her kitchen counter, the woman said: “I’ve been seeing a lot of posts that the price between Aldi and Coles is not much different.

“If I had bought all this only at Coles, it would have cost me $348.95. I took my Coles list to Aldi and purchased everything that was cheaper there and all my fruit and veg at the grocer. In total, this shop was $297.65.”

Composite image of Aldi and Coles signs, and groceries laid out on a kitchen bench.
An Aussie shopper has revealed the price difference on her groceries at Aldi compared to Coles. (Source: Facebook/Aldi Mums)

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Her post sparked a lively back-and-forth on the cost of living and ways to save money on essential items – with some saying they still preferred to shop at Coles or Woolies and used rewards points and loyalty programs to reduce their grocery bills.

“I did this once!” one wrote. “Bought all my stuff at Aldi, then went home and put all the stuff in a Woolies online order. Even picking home brand stuff and stuff on special at Woolies, the total was $250 and Aldi was about $200. Such a big difference.”


Others agreed, with one saying: “I’ve definitely noticed fruit and veg at smaller local stores and local IGA discounts is soooo much cheaper then Coles and Woolies, and sometimes Aldi.

“Aldi is cheaper for sure with 90 per cent of products, but Aldi also doesn't have everything Woolies and Coles have.”


A third added: “Yep, Aldi is still definitely cheaper for me. I know many people like the rewards from Woolies and Coles and I do have Everyday Extras myself, but even the points and savings from this program don't make up for the amount I save each week at Aldi.

“I do shop specials at Coles and Woolies, but shopping there just because of the points seems silly to me when I would be spending, on average, about 15 per cent more to do so.”

Composite image of an Aldi grocery shop on a kitchen bench, and a Coles grocery shop on a kitchen bench.
The woman claimed she saved $51.20 by shopping at Aldi and a local grocer, rather than at Coles. (Source: Facebook/Aldi Mums)

However, others said it was cheaper for them to shop at Coles or Woolies.

“Still cheaper for me to do a big shop at Coles,” one wrote. “Between the specials and points from rewards programs adding up so quickly, I definitely save overall at Coles. Still go to Aldi for a few things I like though.”

Some said they paid $19 a month for programs such as Coles Plus - which includes free delivery on orders over $50 and can work out cheaper if you have weekly or fortnightly home deliveries.

One wrote: “I like Aldi for bits and pieces but I find, [for] that brand stuff, I need to go to Woolworths.”

Comparison site Finder recently visited Aldi, Coles and Woolworths to see which was cheaper at the checkout when buying 46 specific items. Unsurprisingly, Aldi was the cheapest at $199.69, compared to $214.32 at Coles and $208.85 at Woolies.

Compare The Market's Chris Ford told Yahoo Finance: “Our latest research found that the average Aussie spends $193 on groceries per week, which is around $836.33 a month or $10,036 a year.

“One way that we know many households are saving at the checkout is by shopping where the sales are.

“In addition to the weekly specials that run at the major supermarkets, we know there are great savings to be found at smaller grocers, challengers, department stores, discount stores and more. Similarly, people are finding savings by switching from brand-name items to generic alternatives.”

Ford's top tips to save on the weekly grocery shop

  1. Research ahead of time: Shop where the discounts are as supermarkets run weekly specials, or shop across multiple stores to maximise savings.

  2. Be disloyal to brands: You may be able to save significantly by purchasing a different brand.

  3. Look at the unit price not displayed price: This will help you determine whether it’s cheaper to buy in bulk or at a smaller quantity.

  4. Flash reward cards and boost them in the apps: Every dollar spent earns you points. But remember to boost within the apps to earn more points and take advantage of specials available.

  5. Shop outside the box. Discount or department stores may offer items like lollies, chips, drinks or cleaning supplies for less. It pays to compare.

  6. See if you’re eligible for savings through your insurer or energy retailer. Check insurance policies, energy plans, mobile phone deals and more, as you may be entitled to extra points, rewards and discounts.

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