Unique new feature in Aldi could save Aussie shoppers money

A new detail is coming to Aldi's aisles, but will it help shoppers searching for value?

A new tag will emerge in the aisles of Aldi supermarkets after Aussie shoppers voted to give their “ultimate seal of approval” to eight products.

Aldi announced its annual People’s Pick Awards after more than 380,000 shoppers voted for products they thought tasted great or cleaned the best and didn’t put too much of a dent in the weekly grocery budget.

Now, Aldi are going to be putting small navy 'The People's Pick' tags around the store to help shoppers identify those products, saving them searching around for the best deals.

An Aldi food store and the new people's pick label.
A new tag will appear in the aisles of Aussie Aldi supermarkets, but do they mean you're getting the best value?

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This comes at a time when nearly half of all Australians said grappling with the rising price of groceries - up $15 from last year to $185 per week - was causing them financial stress, according to Finder.


Yahoo Finance has done an analysis of each winning product, to see how they fare against Aldi’s rivals: supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.

Here are the findings.

For clarity we’ve broken down the prices to be per kilo or per 100 grams (something you should do too when comparing in the supermarket). Coles and Woolies have more brands available so we tried to find comparable ones.

Prices are from today and do not include sale or bulk-buy options, which were cheaper per gram.

Aldi boasted the cheapest porterhouse steak per kilo.

Porterhouse Steak

Woolies: Beef Porterhouse Steak Medium 290g - 750g $30 = $40/kg

Beef Porterhouse Steak Thick Cut 300g - $15.50 = $51.67/kg

Coles: No Added Hormone Beef Porterhouse Steak 2 Pack | 450g - $18.00 = $40/kg

No Added Hormone Beef Quick Cook Porterhouse Steak | 180g - $8 = $44.45/kg

Aldi: Jindurra Station Porterhouse Steak 200g, $7 = $35/kg

Cheapest: Aldi


Woolies: Willow Farm Dip Hommus 200g - $2.40 = $1.20/100g

Coles: Dairy Hoummus Dip 200g - $2.40 = $1.20/100g

Aldi: Deli Originals Fresh Hommus 200g - $2.29 = $1.15/100g

Cheapest: Aldi

Protein Yoghurt

Woolies: Danone Yopro High Protein Yoghurt No Added Sugar Mango 160g - $3.00 = $1.88/100g

Coles: Danone YoPro Passionfruit Yoghurt 160g - $3.00 = $1.88/100g

Aldi: The Good Health Heroes: Yoguri Protein Yogurt 160g - $2.19 = $1.37/100g

Cheapest: Aldi

Potato Gratin

Woolies: Potato Utopia Four Cheese Potato Gratin 400g - $7.50 = $1.88/100g

Coles: No comparable product

Aldi: Seasons Pride Potato Gratin 4pk/400g, $4.99 = $1.25/100g

Cheapest: Aldi

Laundry Soaker

Woolies: Clean Laundry Soaker & In Wash Boost 1kg - $3.50 = $3.50/kg

Coles: Coles Ultra Oxy Advanced Booster & Soaker 1kg - $3.90 = $3.90/kg

Aldi: Di-San Laundry Soaker 1kg - $3.69 = $3.69/kg

Cheapest : Aldi

We put the prices to the test on Aldi's eight people's choice picks.

Boneless Butterfly Chicken

Woolies: Woolworths Cook Boneless Butterflied Chicken Greek Style 950g - 1.25kg = $11/kg

Coles: Coles RSPCA Approved Chicken Whole Boneless Herb & Garlic approx 850g - $9.35 = $11/kg

Aldi: Boneless Butterflied RSPCA Approved Chicken, $9.99 per kg = $9.99/kg

Cheapest: Aldi

Eye Fillet Steak

Woolies: Woolworths Beef Eye Fillet Steak 200g - 500g - $23.40 = $52/kg

Coles: Coles Beef Eye Fillet Steak Small 300g - $16 = $53.30/kg

Aldi: Specially Selected Australian Beef 21 Days Aged Eye Fillet Steak - $48.99 per kg = $48.99/kg

Cheapest: Aldi

Cheese and Crackers

Woolies: Woolworths Tasty Cheese & Crackers 120g - $4.40 = $3.67/100g

Coles: Mainland Munchables Cheese & Rice Crackers 4 Pack 96g - $7 = $7.29/100g

Aldi: Snackers Market Colby Cheese & Rice Crackers 4pk/100g - $3.99 = $3.99/100g

Cheapest: Aldi

Which groceries should I buy from which supermarket?

A recent comparison of 46 grocery staples - including eggs, milk, bread, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks - found a 7 per cent difference in what you pay at the till from the most- and least-expensive supermarkets.

Coles was found to be the most expensive at $214.32, while Woolworths placed second at $208.85.The best value for shoppers was found to be at Aldi, with the average basket coming in at $199.69.That’s a difference of $14.63 per week, according to the deep dive by Finder.

But each supermarket did have at least one value winner.

Yahoo Finance did another analysis to help the frugal shopper, creating a cheat sheet of which supermarket to buy which item the cheapest.

Check out the surprising results here.

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