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'Game changer': Aldi's $4 product has Aussie shoppers in a craze

Aldi's $4 chocolate-hazlenut gozleme has sent shoppers into a frenzy. Source: Getty/Facebook

Aldi shoppers were sent into a frenzy over the weekend as the German discount food store released its dirt cheap spin on Turkish gozleme.

The chocolate-hazlenut flavoured gozleme hit stores last week, 7 News reported, with some stores already sold out of the tasty treat after shoppers posted their find to Facebook groups.

"I've looked in two different stores and they have no more stock," one Facebook user posted to Aldi Savvy Shoppers.

“Game changer! Now imagine it with fresh strawberries,” another said.

"I just picked up the last 19 packets at my local Aldi... cleared them out," another said. "I have a freezer full of these".

The desserts can be found in Aldi’s freezer aisles, with other flavours in the range also on offer.

Shoppers who managed to get their hands on the product recommended adding whipped cream and strawberries, and heating up the gozleme in a sandwich press.

Aldi is no stranger to launching products its customers loves.

Earlier this year, the German giant announced it would make its cult halloumi fries a permanent fixture in stores, and its truffle fries sent shoppers wild.

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