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Aldi is selling TRUFFLE FRIES for $2.79

One word: yum. Images: Getty

Nutty, fragrant, and with hints of garlic, mushroom and heaven – truffle fries are delicious. End of conversation.

But they’re also not cheap – the average bowl of truffle fries at a Sydney pub or bistro will set you back $12 to $20.

So it’s good news that Aldi is currently selling the amazing snack frozen for just $2.79.

Instagram page Aldi Lovers Australia, who reported the cheap sea salt and truffle fries, shared the delicious discovery with their 800,000 followers.

“I can smell the truffle seasoning through the bag,” the account said.

Image: Aldi Lovers Australia

The account mentioned the chips are “really nice” but warned keen shoppers not to overcook as they can go dry.“Will definitely be buying again.”

Image: Aldi Lovers Australia

Aldi Lovers Australia has been known to provoke a shopping frenzy with its finds, including the Halloumi Chips discovery in February.

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