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6 new university degrees to prepare Aussies for next-gen jobs

Next-gen workers can prepare for the workforce with these new degrees. Source: Getty
Next-gen workers can prepare for the workforce with these new degrees. Source: Getty

Jobs are already starting to morph from traditional roles to entirely news ones, which is something that’s coincided with the rise of innovation, artificial intelligence and the use of data.

There’s also been a huge shift away from nine-to-five office jobs to freelancing, working from home models and the gig economy.

Earlier this year, Deakin University’s STEM lecturer, Peta White, told Yahoo Finance that there’ll be even more to come.

“With a boom in emerging industries and new technologies such as robotics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, many of the jobs today’s younger generation will do don’t even exist yet,” she said.

And while some are worried about what automation will do to jobs, Bond University’s associate professor of computer games, James Birt, said much of that angst wasn’t coming from the younger generation.

“Young people embrace it, they want to see it, they're super-excited about what is happening in the world.”

Now, Australian universities are introducing a bunch of new degrees and courses in 2020, to prep the next generation of workers with the right education.

Gen Y workers can prep for new-age jobs with these 6 university degrees

1. Bachelor of Digital Transformation (Bond University)

Bond University is waving goodbye to the tradition human resources degree and introducing a new Bachelor of Digital Transformation, which could see graduates go on to become chief happiness officers, overseeing employee wellbeing or chief trust officers.

If they don’t want to down the HR route, they could become zero impact analysts and work on minimising a company’s environmental impacts.

2. Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation (Bond University)

Undergrads at Bond could also choose to study a Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation, which could see them go on to become crowd-funding specialists, or mobile marketing “jedis”.

3. Bachelor of Health Transformation (Bond University)

To prepare next-gen workers for the ailments of the ageing population, like dementia, undergrads can study this degree and become personal memory curators.

That’ll see them generating virtual reality experiences from particular times and places to combat memory loss.

4. Graduate certificate in data and new technology law (Queensland University of Technology)

This degree is designed to help the next generation build skills to manage legal risks in companies adopting digital tech.

5. Master of Digital Communication (Queensland University of Technology)

This will help graduates learn to better manage digital disruptions.

6. Bachelor of Creative Industries (Griffith University)

Griffith University in NSW has added a Bachelor of Creative Industries to its programs, to give next-gen workers entrepreneurial skills to launch their own startups.

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