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500% RISE: One Australian state is jacking up driving fines

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The South Australian government has revealed it’s increasing its fines for driving offences, and they’ve set their sights on lead-footers and mobile phone-users.

And, those putting the fine under a corporate account will see a whopping 500 per cent increase in expiation fees, with fines jumping from $300 to $1,800, according to 7 News.

The fee increases, to be implemented from 1 July, are set to generate around $79 million in revenue, and cover a rise in everything from public transport fees to driver’s licence renewals.

Here are all the changes in South Australia:

Public transport

Fares will increase by between 1.8 per cent to 2 per cent, with a single trip ticket rising from $5.50 to $5.60, and 28 day passes rising just $1 from $99 to $100.

Driver’s licence renewals

Five and ten-year renewals will both increase by 4.5 per cent, taking them to $440 and $460 respectively.

Speeding fines

Big speeding fines will get even larger, with those travelling 30km/h over the speed limit, but less than 40km/h about to get slammed with a 60 per cent bump on fines from $920 to $1,472.

Those travelling 45km/h over the limit will see fines increase from $1,036 to $1,658.

Expiation fees

You may not want to put expiation fines under your business anymore, with corporate fees seeing a massive 500 per cent jump in fines from $300 to $1,800.

Those caught on their mobiles while driving will have to fork out $534, which is up $200 (60 per cent) from the previous fines, and drink and drug driving offences will now cost a whopping $743.

So how does SA compare?

If you’re travelling 30km/h over the speed limit in New South Wales, it will cost you $903 in fines, which is $569 less than in SA.

In Victoria, anywhere between 30km/h and 34km/h over the speed limit will cost you $524, but you do cop a 3 month automatic licence suspension.

If you’re travelling 45km/h over the limit in Victoria, it’ll set you back just $806, which is just under $1,000 less than in SA, but you’ll also see your licence suspended for 12 months.

If you’re between 30 and 40km/h over the limit in Brisbane, that will see you drop six demerit points and cough up just $513 for a fine, while travelling 40km/h over will cost you $1026

Drivers caught using their mobile in NSW will cop a $337 fine, which is on par with SA’s old laws, while those in Melbourne will cop a $484 fine, which is still under SA’s new increases.

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