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Been caught speeding? Why thousands of Aussie drivers are dodging speeding fines

Seven News has obtained exclusive documents that show how thousands of drivers are getting away with not paying their speeding fines.

The documents reveal the tricks people are using to rip up $16 million in fines.

Seven News has obtained exclusive documents that show how drivers are getting away with not paying fines. Photo: 7 News

John Cadogan from said you're better off exploring your options before paying a fine.

"Don't just cop it on the chin if you get a fine - you owe it to yourself to explore every loophole and there are heaps," he told 7 News.

Mr Cadogan advises drivers to look at their options. Photo: 7 News

Th report obtained under Freedom of Information shows thousands of drivers are getting away without paying their fines.

Since 2015 law enforcement agencies have issued almost $379 million in speeding tickets. Of those, $256 million have been paid.

Adam Ly from LY Lawyers said it's definitely possible to avoid paying speeding fines.

"You write a letter to the State Debt Recovery Office and you can ask for what's called an internal review and quite often, a lot of the times they will give you a caution," he said.

Mr Ly said writing a letter could help. Photo: 7 News

A total of 51,563 fines have been withdrawn.

Of that more than half or 27,377 because of a motorist's clean driving record.

14000 haven't been pursued due to circumstances like an administrative error, the car was stolen or in the rare case of a medical emergency.

More than $16 million in fines have gone without payment. Photo: 7 News

The rescinded fines total more than $16 million in lost revenue for state coffers.

More than 1.4 million infringement notices have been written in the last two years and of those only five per cent are reversed after a victory by motorists on appeal.

Police say drivers should be driving safely to avoid a penalty notice. Photo: 7 News

However, police say it's an issue of safety and the best way to avoid a penalty is to slow down.