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The 5 happiest – and least happy – professions

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Do you love your job?

Well, some of us do – especially those working in the sports and recreation, HR, general management sectors, apparently.

And more than half of those who are CEO or self-employed are able to say they’re happy in their job.

According to new SEEK data, the top-ranked industry for happiness is the sport and recreation sector, with two in three agreeing that they love their job.

“There are professions – like in sport and recreation – that are more conducive to a positive working environment and it’s important to consider whether your job is giving you the satisfaction you crave,” said SEEK group HR director Kathleen McCudden.

Top five happiest professions (per centage of people who are happy in their job, Jan 2019):

(Source: SEEK)

Meanwhile, only 12 per cent of people working in government and defence say they’re happy with their job.

Top five least happy professions (% of people happy in their current job role, January 2019):

(Source: SEEK)

And 16 per cent of Aussies working in the community services and development sector say they’re ready to quit, followed by 14 per cent of those in the call centre and customer service industry.

Aussie aged 55 or older are the happiest employees of us all, according to SEEK data.

And, to no one’s surprise, where CEOs are among those happiest with their jobs, those in entry level or graduate roles are least satisfied.

While some workers might not describe their workplace as the happiest place on earth, it’s important to feel some element of happiness in day-to-day, said McCudden.

“Performance at work and happiness are intrinsically linked, so if you’re approaching a job with negativity and reluctance, career progression becomes difficult.”

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