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These are the 6 professions we trust the most

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No thanks to the banking Royal Commission, public trust in the finance sector has hit an all-time low – but we continue to keep our faith in the people who work around us in our day-to-day lives.

According to recent research conducted by Airtasker, those we place our faith in most are medical professionals, IT guys, plumbers, drivers and cleaners.

(Source: Airtasker)

But it’s not so straightforward. Airtasker’s research uncovered that we tend to have biases, and our trust in people of those occupations will change depending on their gender and their race.

It seems to reflect the stubborn nature of traditional stereotypes that women are better at domestic and service-based roles while men are more competent at work that requires physical labour or technical competency.

Interestingly, female doctors are more trusted than male doctors.

Women are also more trusted in housecleaning or ride-hailing/taxi-driving roles.

But people tend to put their faith in men more when it comes to fixing our IT problems, the plumbing, or our vehicles.

(Source: Airtasker)

When it comes to race, Hispanic doctors, for instance, are less trusted.

Trust in black IT workers is also lower than average, and white house-cleaners are perceived with less confidence.

But at the end of the day, when employers consider candidates, experience, skills, and qualifications are still the most important.

(Source: Airtasker)

“Nothing mattered more than experience, education, and sincerity when hiring someone,” Airtasker wrote on its website.

In a job interview, it’s illegal to be queried about your age, marital or parental status, disability, religion, weight, sexual orientation, or political alliances.

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