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Everything you needed to know about jobs this year

Lucy Dean
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

2019 was a big year for jobs and superannuation changes, with Yahoo Finance readers equally transfixed by stories of huge salaries for nannies who dressed up as Disney princesses, as they were with news about the jobs most at-risk in a recession.

Here’s what you loved this year.

The six-figure Aussie jobs hardest to fill

As Australia’s economy slowed, the jobs market saw material shifts as well.

But back in February, it was still considered a shining light. SEEK, at the time, released its list of hardest-to-fill jobs providing an insight into Australia’s skill shortages.

$74k for a nanny willing to dress as a Disney princess

Can you sing, dance, act and generally be joyful all the time? Then this job would have been for you.

A family in the UK in March was on the hunt for a nanny with a very specific set of skills.

The 5 happiest – and least happy – professions

Not so fussed on pay and just want to be happy? This list of the happiest and least happy jobs could be a real resource for you.

According to SEEK data, the top-ranked industry for happiness is the sport and recreation sector.


Yahoo Finance readers really want to improve their resumés and interviews, devouring stories on these skills.

You wanted to know the 11 worst things to put in your resumé and the single best question to ask in a job interview.

You also wanted to know the three worst questions to ask at the end of a job interview and the secret job interview rule: always say ‘yes’ to a glass of water.

Recession fears

As fears of an upcoming recession grew, Yahoo Finance readers wanted to know if their jobs would be safe should an economic downturn occur.

Indeed economist Callum Pickering shared the jobs most vulnerable to an economic downturn, and the roles that would weather the financial challenges the easiest.

Superannuation changes

The new financial year brought in huge changes to the way Australians earn and protect their superannuation under the government’s ‘Protecting your superannuation’ laws.

The changes aimed to prevent Australians from losing all of their superannuation to costly and automated fees.

Here’s what you may have missed.

And with these changes in mind, Australians also wondered how their superannuation balances’ stacked up against their friends.

We looked at the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s figures, and figures from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to see how much Australians your age have in super.

‘Don’t leave no matter how busy’: Burger King staff asked to work for free

Yahoo Finance readers were enraged by the story of a Burger King manager in New Zealand telling staff they couldn’t leave if it was busy, even if their shift had ended.

A screenshot of a WhatsApp group of managers at the burger chain’s Queen Street store in Auckland reveals a manager encouraging workers to stay back to finish work, apparently without pay.

Million-dollar bonuses

And the year ended on a high, with the heart-warming story of a boss in the US doling out $15 million in bonuses, with employees receiving a whopping $72,000 bonus on average.

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