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$20 for an Easter egg: Aussies shocked by insane chocolate prices

One Cadbury egg is selling for $20 at Woolworths, while a Lindt bunny is $122.

Easter egg prices
Aussies have been left stunned by the expensive prices of Easter eggs this year. (Source: Getty/Reddit)

It seems not even the Easter Bunny is safe from the rising cost of living. Aussies have taken to social media to express their shock at the extortionate price of chocolate this year.

Taking to the popular subreddit r/AussieCasual, one user started the discussion with a picture of a 400g Cadbury egg available for $20 at Woolworths.

“An unmissable Easter deal - Welcome, to the $20 egg,” they wrote sarcastically.

Another user pointed out you could buy a 360g bar of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate at Coles for $6, meaning you would be paying more than triple the price for just 40g more chocolate.


Other Aussies pointed out the extra cost was for the Easter egg design and packaging, while some said, “we all know eggs taste better”.

“Good god. I remember, like 10 years ago, I asked for the 1kg egg as a joke and it was $25 - and that felt like a stupidly expensive option,” one person commented.

Aussies then took to the subreddit to share other expensive chocolates, including a 1kg Lindt bunny for $122 at Ritchies IGA and a Ferrero Rocher T96 Cone available for $200 at Woolworths.

Easter chocolate prices
Would you pay this much for Easter chocolates? (Source: Reddit)

“This, I don’t believe. What in the world is going on??? Over a hundred bucks for a Lindt bunny!? In this economy!? Tell ‘em they’re dreamin,” one user commented.

“No....surely that's a typo,” another commented about the Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

“$2.08 per piece (96 pieces). The 16 packs are $16 full price… this is awful awful value,” another said.

One Aussie said they worked for Woolworths last year and the Ferrero Rocher cones didn’t sell.

“No one goes near them or wanted them,” they said.

Consumer and retail expert Gary Mortimer previously told Yahoo News Australia Easter eggs had always cost more than other chocolates. That was because the shape of the products made them more “complex” to make, he said. Prices are also on the rise due to general inflation.

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