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Nvidia among the stocks trading lower as May ends

Yahoo Finance Live's Julie Hyman checks the market action following the JOLTS report. Hyman also checks in on Nvidia shares, which are now trading lower after the chip stock briefly reached $1 trillion in market value.

Video transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. I'm Julie Hyman. That's Brad Smith. This is the Dow Jones Industrial average. We're looking at the two-day chart here to show the moves downward that we got after that JOLTS data few moments ago. Job openings rising to $10.1 million last month from around 9.7 million. That was an upwardly revised number for the month before. So what does that mean? People are still hiring here, and they're still looking for workers.

And so, what does that mean by extension for the Fed? Well, they might indeed have to raise interest rates on at their upcoming meeting on June 14. But we still have payrolls data. We still got the CPI before then. Regardless, what we saw was a leg down in stocks. You look there at the Dow, here's the NASDAQ not down as much-- or the S&P, excuse me. The NASDAQ as well, which is only down about 2/10 of 1% today. But let's kick it on over and take a look at some of the other indicators that we are watching. We were on a one-month. Let's go to a one-day here for.

What we're seeing in video, pulling back from that very high level that we saw yesterday. So it's below a trillion dollar market cap once again. But that is just for now. We'll see if it goes back up again to that level. And then, we're seeing more of a mixed picture when it comes to the other large cap tech stocks. Quickly, taking a look at the sectors here. They're all in the red. Energy leading the way downward a big tumble in oil prices is what we've been seeing, not just today, but for several days. Last time we checked, below $68 a barrel. But I know we got to talk more about in video, Brad.