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Stocks decline as investors await inflation data

Yahoo Finance's Brad Smith breaks down how markets are moving in early trading.

Video transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: Brad, over to you. Really a lot of weakness on the NASDAQ and, again, shouldn't be a shocker because of that Micron warning.

BRAD SMITH: Yeah, spot on. So let's kick things off with the NASDAQ. As of right now, you're seeing the NASDAQ 100 move lower by about 1.36% here. We'll give you a larger look at the composite in just a hot second. There it is, 1.3%, so largely transpiring over the entirety of the components in the NASDAQ. The S&P 500 here with about 30 minutes in trade, we're seeing that move lower by about half a percent right now, so carrying some declines here and just barely bouncing off of, but hovering in those intraday lows that we've been tracking.

And then just lastly, let's check in on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. You're seeing that down right now by about 2/10 of a percent. Also, let's check in on the semiconductors as well. First of all, we'll take a look at the Semiconductor Index. More in aggregate, you're seeing it down by about 3.8%.

But if we really dive into some of the individual names that we've been tracking here as well, there you're taking a look at semiconductor stocks here today. These are absolutely going lower as of right now. And so we had seen the aggregate look. But there, take a look at some of the Nvidia name-- well, Nvidia, of course, as we were tracking that, 4% lower here on the day. And then, additionally, we'll just take another quick look at where Micron is sitting right now since we mentioned that, as of right now, down by nearly 5%.