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Nasdaq maintains gains in mixed market close

Yahoo Finance Live's Brian Cheung examines markets ahead of today's close, looking at Nasdaq standouts and Treasury yield trends.

Video transcript


BRIAN CHEUNG: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. Two minute warning to the closing bell on this Thursday, August 4. Let's take a look at where we are in the final seconds of trading here. Dow Jones Industrial Average down about a 1/3 of a percent.

The NASDAQ composite actually a little bit of a winner today, up about a 1/3 of a percent. The S&P 500 up-- rather, down about 2/10 of a percent. If we take a look at unpacking why the NASDAQ is green as opposed to the other majors, which are kind of in the red right now, you can see the big driver this afternoon is Amazon, up about 2%.

And we've also had, obviously, a number of companies reporting earnings over the last 24 hours as well. I want to call attention to Airbnb, up about 3.6%. And we've also got Lucid Motors, although a very small component, but still notable movement on this Thursday as well, down 10%.

Of course, we're going to get a number of other companies reporting after the bell. So a lot of movement on that front. But again, broadly speaking, the markets mix as we do also see the 10-year yield to 2.68% on this Thursday, as we do await the closing bell down at the New York Stock Exchange.