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DraftKings partners with Molson Coors for upcoming Super Bowl ad

Yahoo Finance Live takes a look at DraftKings and Molson Coors' planned Super Bowl partnership.

Video transcript


- My play pairs gambling and drinking, what a nice pair. It is Friday, after all. A report in "The Wall Street Journal" detailing how Molson Coors is tapping DraftKings to build the buzz surrounding its first Super Bowl commercial in more than 30 years, the opening created by AB InBev surrendering its exclusivity to advertise in the big game. Molson then began a campaign to decide which beer, Coors Light or Miller Lite, deserves the Super Bowl spotlight. Here's where the collaboration comes in.

If you have or sign up for a DraftKings account, you'll answer a dozen questions, like which beer is mentioned first? What type of dog is featured behind the bar? And then you're in. You're eligible to win a share of $500,000 in cash. And you don't have to pay to enter. It seems like an interesting collaboration. DraftKings and FanDuel will advertise in the Super Bowl.

That's seven mil for 30 seconds, DraftKings cashing in up almost 7% today and more than 30% this year. Molson Coors, on the other hand, down, presumably not on this news, still up more than 3% for the year, really just shows you how much these-- not just the exclusivity for AB InBev gone, but DraftKings FanDuel going to be a real part of this Super Bowl. Now that we know it won't be the Crypto Bowl anymore, I think sports gambling will take its place.

- At least for this year. I don't know if we can count crypto out in the future, though. But I mean, this is such a smart play all around. It's a smart play on DraftKings' part, obviously, because you get that exposure, 100 million eyeballs on the Super Bowl, clearly a massive opportunity here for that business.

It's also very smart by Coors they're capitalizing on the rise and the popularity of sports betting, something we have clearly seen over the last several years. And that fan engagement is something that is so key, so important. It's a perfect way to combine everything that brands need to be doing in this day and age. I'm excited for it. Are you going to be doing it? Are you entering?

- Of course I am. I'm going to enter by the end of the day. And beer and gambling, I mean, let's go.

- You can't say no.

- You want to know what's winning this year?

- Win-win.

- Real quick, YFi Interactive, here's beer. Here's beer. We want to show you this. All right, now here is gambling. Boom. Gambling is winning.

- Gambling, the clear winner by a mile so far.