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'They don't care:' U.S. ex-employee on Zoom firing

In a video he shared with Reuters on Wednesday, Chapman is seen opening up a package that contained a mini trophy and a certificate awarded to him and signed to "The Big Apple."

The present came after last week's firing that he said "sucked the oxygen out of the room".

Video of the incident went viral online after someone recorded the Zoom call, during which chief exeuctive Vishal Garg laid off 9% of the company's workforce, citing the market, performance and productivity as reasons behind the decision to fire employees in the United States and India.

Chapman, a father of five from McKinney, Texas, recalled the meeting in an interview with Reuters. He said he was struck by the isolation from his colleagues he couldn't say goodbye to after the company remotely shut down their laptops, their Slack channel for communicating and cell phones.

"When you're completely shut out of your system, you're Zooming, we're Zooming and imagine, 'Hey you're laid off - click', there's no resolution, there's no grab your stuff from your desk. You're still sitting at your desk. Nothing goes away. The laptop's still there, it's black. It's still there," said Chapman.

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