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Disney earnings: 3 things we're watching after the Q1 earnings call

Disney (DIS) earnings are expected at 4:00 pm ET Wednesday, February 8th, 2023. Disney CEO Bob Iger is set to take center stage on the earnings call. Investors will be watching closely for key items including: the future of ESPN, high content costs from Disney’s direct-to-consumer unit, restructuring plans to reduce costs across the company, and questions about the state of the U.S. economy overall. Yahoo Finance's Brad Smith and Seana Smith will break down the three things they're watching after the call.

Make sure you tune into their live coverage following Disney's earnings call later this afternoon

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- 9am ET: Julie Hyman, Brad Smith and Brian Sozzi detail what they want to hear from Bob Iger on his first earnings call since returning as Disney's CEO

- 11am ET: Allie Canal highlights the key numbers investors are looking for from Disney+

- 4:00pm ET: Dave Briggs and Seana Smith bring Disney's earnings to you live

- 6pm ET (or when the earnings call ends): Brad Smith and Seana Smith will have a vibe check on market reaction and what Disney's results mean for both consumers and investors.

Video transcript

BRAD SMITH: Yo, check it out. After the Disney earnings call ends, that's when we go live. Brad Smith here with Seana Smith, no relation, but of course, Yahoo Finance family. We're gonna be breaking down what the tone, what the vibe of the call is. Of course, anything on streaming, all things Hulu, all things Disney+, and all things ESPN+.

SEANA SMITH: I'm gonna be looking for any cost-cutting measures, talks about layoffs, what exactly that looks like. And also, this is Iger's big return. They've called in the GOAT. Lots of anticipation.

BRAD SMITH: Quick, favorite Disney movie.

SEANA SMITH: Oh gosh, that's a tossup. I'm gonna go with "Moana" or "The Lion King."

BRAD SMITH: Done deal.

SEANA SMITH: What about you?

BRAD SMITH: Oh, I'm going "Aladdin."

SEANA SMITH: There you go.

BRAD SMITH: Yo, you can check us out after the Disney call ends, Yahoo Finance's begins.

SEANA SMITH: We'll see you then.