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Crude Oil Jun 27 (CLM27.NYM)

NY Mercantile - NY Mercantile Delayed price. Currency in USD
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67.80-0.30 (-0.44%)
As of 07:35PM EDT. Market open.

Futures chain

Contract nameSettlement datePriceChange% change
CLK24.NYMCrude Oil May 24 83.022:29PM EDT+0.17+0.21%
CLM24.NYMCrude Oil Jun 24 82.69:52PM EDT-0.21-0.25%
CLN24.NYMCrude Oil Jul 24 81.869:51PM EDT-0.23-0.28%
CLQ24.NYMCrude Oil Aug 24 81.139:50PM EDT-0.22-0.27%
CLU24.NYMCrude Oil Sep 24 80.379:49PM EDT-0.21-0.26%
CLV24.NYMCrude Oil Oct 24 79.778:42PM EDT-0.04-0.05%
CLX24.NYMCrude Oil Nov 24 79.114:56PM EDT0.000.00%
CLZ24.NYMCrude Oil Dec 24 78.319:36PM EDT-0.11-0.14%
CLF25.NYMCrude Oil Jan 25 77.599:49PM EDT-0.17-0.22%
CLG25.NYMCrude Oil Feb 25 77.172:30PM EDT+0.02+0.03%
CLH25.NYMCrude Oil Mar 25 76.64:47PM EDT+0.02+0.03%
CLJ25.NYMCrude Oil Apr 25 76.143:38PM EDT+0.08+0.11%
CLK25.NYMCrude Oil May 25 74.652:29PM EDT-0.93-1.23%
CLM25.NYMCrude Oil Jun 25 75.089:42PM EDT-0.06-0.08%
CLN25.NYMCrude Oil Jul 25 73.984:09PM EDT-0.70-0.94%
CLQ25.NYMCrude Oil Aug 25 73.7610:39AM EDT-0.49-0.66%
CLU25.NYMCrude Oil Sep 25 73.5812:57PM EDT-0.28-0.38%
CLV25.NYMCrude Oil Oct 25 73.1410:25AM EDT-0.36-0.49%
CLX25.NYMCrude Oil Nov 25 72.7610:50AM EDT-0.42-0.57%
CLZ25.NYMCrude Oil Dec 25 72.849:42PM EDT-0.03-0.04%
CLF26.NYMCrude Oil Jan 26 73.232:42PM EDT+0.72+0.99%
CLG26.NYMCrude Oil Feb 26 72.2412:35PM EDT+0.08+0.11%
CLH26.NYMCrude Oil Mar 26 737:49AM EDT+1.18+1.64%
CLJ26.NYMCrude Oil Apr 26 53.178:00PM EDT-0.18-0.34%
CLK26.NYMCrude Oil May 26 53.188:00PM EDT-0.18-0.34%
CLM26.NYMCrude Oil Jun 26 70.974:44PM EDT0.000.00%
CLN26.NYMCrude Oil Jul 26 719:54AM EDT+0.34+0.48%
CLQ26.NYMCrude Oil Aug 26 64.223:41PM EDT-4.51-6.56%
CLU26.NYMCrude Oil Sep 26 70.59:47AM EDT+0.41+0.58%
CLV26.NYMCrude Oil Oct 26 702:37PM EDT+0.16+0.23%
CLX26.NYMCrude Oil Nov 26 69.651:46PM EDT+0.02+0.03%
CLZ26.NYMCrude Oil Dec 26 69.419:00PM EDT-0.02-0.03%
CLF27.NYMCrude Oil Jan 27 549:12AM EDT-13.46-19.95%
CLG27.NYMCrude Oil Feb 27 53.398:00PM EDT-0.18-0.34%
CLH27.NYMCrude Oil Mar 27 62.83:00AM EDT-4.11-6.14%
CLK27.NYMCrude Oil May 27 55.254:26AM EDT-11.18-16.83%
CLM27.NYMCrude Oil Jun 27 67.87:35PM EDT-0.30-0.44%
CLV27.NYMCrude Oil Oct 27 55.34:31AM EDT-9.86-15.13%
CLX27.NYMCrude Oil Nov 27 55.56:30AM EDT-9.48-14.59%
CLZ27.NYMCrude Oil Dec 27 66.9810:06AM EDT-0.12-0.18%
CLF28.NYMCrude Oil Jan 28 549:56AM EDT-10.46-16.23%
CLG28.NYMCrude Oil Feb 28 549:56AM EDT-10.22-15.91%
CLZ28.NYMCrude Oil Dec 28 64.4512:12PM EDT-1.03-1.57%
CLM29.NYMCrude Oil Jun 29 54.5512:46PM EDT-6.11-10.07%
CLZ29.NYMCrude Oil Dec 29 647:00AM EDT-0.41-0.64%
CLJ30.NYMCrude Oil Apr 30 52.81:14PM EDT-5.76-9.84%
CLM30.NYMCrude Oil Jun 30 60.111:41AM EDT-0.24-0.40%
CLZ30.NYMCrude Oil Dec 30 64.511:39AM EDT+0.76+1.19%
CLZ31.NYMCrude Oil Dec 31 63.112:56PM EDT-0.19-0.30%
CLZ32.NYMCrude Oil Dec 32 63.12:25AM EDT+0.06+0.10%
CLZ33.NYMCrude Oil Dec 33 63.12:28AM EDT+0.07+0.11%