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How to score four free Virgin Australia tickets

Image: Virgin Australia

Hoping to catch up with friends or family but strapped for cash? You could be in luck: Virgin Australia is giving away free flights this Christmas. 

Under the promotion, on offer until Friday 6 December, lucky Aussies can pick up up to four free economy class tickets on Virgin Australia. 

To win the tickets, entrants must nominate a friend or family member who should win the flights, naming the origin and destination by commenting on Virgin Australia’s Facebook post, or sending a message to the Virgin Australia social media team.

You’ll also need to explain in 25 words or less why that person deserves to win the free tickets.

But you’ll be up against lots of competition, so you’ll have to be good: there will only be one winner.

Since the competition began at 7am on Monday, the post has received hundreds of comments from hopeful travellers. 

The winner will be chosen on 10 December at 10am, with winners notified within two business days. The winner will have until 10 December 2020 to use the tickets.

“Christmas is a time of giving so we’ve hatched a plan with Richard Branson and Santa to giveaway flights to help bring family and friends together this Christmas,” Virgin Australia said on Facebook.

“Simply tag your friend or family member below and tell us in 25 words or less where they are based, where you want them to travel to and why they deserve to win! Or if you want to keep it a surprise, tell us why you deserve the flights!”

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