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Yahoo Finance's morning brief for Wednesday

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Good morning.

Here’s everything you need to know in finance markets this morning.

Share markets down across the board: The ASX closed lower for the first time in five days on Tuesday, while markets in the US, Europe and Asia were also all lower as concerns over the US-China trade war and another stock market crash continued to circulate. However Wall Street recovered overnight, meaning the ASX is expected to open higher this morning.

What Hong Kong airport disruption means for your travel plansFlights to and from Hong Kong were disrupted for a second day after dramatic protests at the main terminal building grounded hundreds of scheduled services. Hong Kong’s airport, resumed operations early Tuesday after most demonstrators left. But passengers are advised to confirm their flights before heading to the airport.

How the risk of recession can hurt your portfolioStocks are in turmoil and the US-China trade war continues to ramp up. Here’s how it could affect your portfolio.

‘Just work your a** off’: A Buddy Holly actor on why career fall-backs aren’t an option: Scot Robin thought he’d play Buddy Holly for two years, but 28 years later he’s turned his passion into a career.

Investing in shares for your kids is a no-brainer: Here’s how to do it: Parents often set aside a few hundred dollars in a bank account when their child is born. Grandparents, godparents and other relatives will contribute, and parents will let that money sit in a term deposit to accumulate interest over time. But there is a better way.

Find the best get-out-of-debt strategy for your personality: The new financial year is here, but for many Australians it’s nothing but an unpleasant reminder of their debt and money worries. If this is you, you are not alone. Getting out of debt can seem impossible, but if you build a plan based on your personality, it can be a lot easier.

This market will be the first to recover from the housing downturn: Australia’s property downturn looks to be coming to an end. Now, this is where growth will be strongest.

Working late? Science answers whether we should snack on the job: Shift workers on the night shift or those burning the midnight oil are likely no stranger to hunger pangs. But having a full meal might kill your productivity, and yet having no meal at all can very easily be its own distraction. So how much should you eat to be at your optimal performance?

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