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One US company bought its staff Cadillacs and a cruise around the Bahamas. Source: Getty

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Share market news

The ASX is expected to open in positive territory, with Wall Street posting slightly positive gains overnight.

The Aussie dollar is buying 68.49 US cents from 68.66 US cents yesterday.

News in Australia

Women fleeing domestic and family violence situations were the biggest users of homelessness services in 2018-19, new data has revealed.

In fact, in every state bar Tasmania and the ACT, domestic violence was the biggest driver of homelessness, while in those two states, housing affordability was the leading cause.

News from around the world

In the US, President Donald Trump has accused Democrats of a "perversion of justice and abuse of power" in relation to their effort to remove him from office.

And, under Trump’s tax cuts, 91 profitable Fortune 500 companies paid $0 in taxes on US income in 2018, according to a new report.

Of the companies that did pay tax, they didn’t pay the US’ statutory 21 per cent tax rate, the report found. Instead, they paid roughly 54 per cent of what they actually owed.

The good news? A Michigan-based mortgage lending company recently surprised some employees with 2-year leases on a brand new 2019 Cadillac xT5 and others with a cruise to the Bahamas.

In the UK, Britain has set a hard deadline of December 2020 to reach a new trade deal with the European Union, with newly-reelected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, betting that another Brexit cliff-edge would force Brussels to move more quickly than usual to seal an accord.

In France, French trade unions have crippled transport and shut schools in nationwide protests, as residents seek to increase pressure on President Emmanuel Macron to ditch his planned pension reform by Christmas.


Sydney and Melbourne might leading the charge in terms of a property recovery, but there’s one booming market that doesn’t get enough credit: Adelaide.

Christmas savings

With Christmas just days away, the pressure is on to get your gifts in order. But if your pockets are feeling the pinch of the holiday season already, Yahoo Finance has found some great gift ideas for your loved ones for under $30.

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