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How to pocket $1,300 a year; 88,000 homes disappear due to virus

Houses are disappearing, US and China are fighting and Mexico just wants to think about something else. (Images: Getty, AAP)

Good morning.

Markets: One day after hitting two-month highs, the escalating US-China war-of-words and news that more than 2.4 million Americans joined the dole queue last week brought Wall St down overnight.

The Australian share market is forecast to follow, with the SPI200 futures down 0.13 per cent at 8am AEST.

The Australian dollar was buying 65.60 US cents 8am AEST, slightly down on Thursday's closing price of 65.71 US cents.

The coronavirus just wiped out 88,000 homes. New modelling from an industry body shows construction of new homes went from 200,000 last year to just 112,000 in the coming 13 months as the pandemic crushes demand. Read why the pandemic is to blame.

How do you pocket $1,300 a year without working extra hours? It's easier than you think.

There's an area of Sydney about to score 16,000 new jobs. With so many Australians in the unemployment queue, read where they might be headed to score a gig.

One-fifth of Australians can't support their family right now. Even though the official unemployment rate is 6.2 per cent, tragically those that aren't working enough hours to put food on the table are a lot more than that.

To make things worse, scammers are targeting the government's emergency superannuation access scheme to steal money from innocent Australians. One couple had $20,000 taken out of their account.

With so many households struggling, columnist Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon shows you the five best ways to cut costs.

Forget all this doom and gloom, says the president of Mexico. He's announced plans to create a national happiness index as an alternative to the purely financial measure of gross domestic product.

Good luck everyone.

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