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Hilarious resignation letter goes viral

A worker's method of resigning has gone viral. Images: Twitter, Getty, Screen Actors Guild awards.

Employees who have quit jobs are sharing stories of how they did it, after one worker’s method for saying goodbye to their boss went viral on Twitter.

“One of our team members handed in their notice like this,” a member of the social media community shared on Thursday.

“We all just stood and laughed when it was presented to our manager.”

The worker had handed their boss a condolence card which read: “So very sorry for your loss.”

Inside, the letter read: “My last day at work is the 28th July. Thinking of you at this difficult time.”

And Twitter loved it.

Another user shared how they know another person who resigned in exactly the same way, down to the card.

“I know someone who did the exact same thing, exact same card.”

That departing employee said on the inside of the card, “It’s me. I leave in a week.”

Other users described the method as “art”.

While others still shared how they did it.

Another departed employee gave their boss a drawing of a dinosaur that doubled as their notice.

While one clever mum retired in an especially crafty way - she had a cake delivered to the office which read: “Happy retirement to me.”

What do you think? Would you leave a job like this?

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