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Woolworths shopper's wild claim over cost of 'low price' item

A TikToker claims it would be cheaper to buy takeaway from Guzman y Gomez than to buy this grocery item.

Is cooking at home cheaper than eating out? Not if you’re buying this Woolworths item, one woman has discovered.

As Australian households are hit with rising grocery prices at the checkout, many have shared just how expensive it’s become to buy ingredients to cook at home.

German content creator Jenny Blenk, who is currently living in Brisbane, shared her shock at the sky-high price of salmon and said it would be cheaper to just get takeaway.

 Jenny Blenk and Woolworths salmon
Content creator Jenny Blenk says it is cheaper to buy takeaway from Guzman y Gomez than to buy salmon from Woolworths. (Source: Instagram/TikTok)

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In a video, the TikToker shows the prices of packets of salmon, with the caption: “How am I supposed to live laugh love if salmon literally costs more than a mini enchilada from GyG?”


The video shows a four-pack of salmon for $17.50, down from $19.50, a pack of diced salmon for $13, a packet of pre-marinated salmon for $13, and barramundi for $13 with a "low price" tag . And that’s just for one element of a meal.

In comparison, the cost of a mini enchilada from Mexican chain Guzman y Gomez will set you back $11.80, while a regular-sized enchilada costs $17.


In the comments, one Aussie said they were being charged $19 for salmon at their local Woolworths, while another called out the supermarket’s “audacity” in putting a “low price” tag next to the barramundi.

Others said Blenk could buy salmon for a cheaper price from the deli section, while another suggested she head to Aldi.

Jenny Blenk Woolworths salmon prices
Blenk's video shows the prices of packets of salmon and barramundi.

Budget meals ‘cheaper’ than cooking

Finder head of consumer research Graham Cooke said rising supermarket prices meant some takeaway meals did actually work out cheaper for people.

“It may be the case that grabbing a budget meal out may be cheaper than buying all the ingredients for a meal at home in some areas,” Cooke told Yahoo Finance.

The average household is now spending $188 per week on groceries - or $9,776 per year.

Nearly two in five Australians - or 3.6 million households - said their grocery bill was one of their major financial stressors right now.

Cooke said there had been a “huge increase” in the percentage of households who were stressed about putting food on the table, but he said there was a bright spot.

“The good news is that inflation has been falling through 2023, and is continuing to do so now,” he said. “Woolies and Coles have already reported price deflation in some fresh food categories.”

Annual food inflation eased to 4.5 per cent in the December quarter, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data found, down from the peak of 9.2 per cent in December 2022.

Price rises have been lower across all food categories, with fruit and vegetables down 0.2 per cent compared to 12 months ago, and meat and seafood prices showing no change.

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