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Woolworths reveals immediate price drop for Aussies grappling with cost of living

Here’s when the supermarket’s price drop kicks in

Woolworths has slashed the price of more than 400 products at its supermarkets to help Aussies struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Shoppers will benefit from a bunch of staple pantry items being 18 per cent cheaper, on average, when they go to the checkout. And the lower prices will continue until the end of May.

It comes after the company’s CEO, Brad Banducci, announced he was stepping down after his grilling by the ABC about allegations of price gouging shoppers. But some of the items have now been brought in line with Coles.

Woolworths shoppers standing outside store
Woolworths hopes dropping the prices will ease cost-of-living pressures for shoppers. (Source: Getty Images)

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Dinners in particular will be more affordable, with Woolies slashing meat items like beef meatballs from $8 a packet to $6, while roast pork legs have fallen from $11 per kilogram to $9/kg. Woolworths RSPCA Approved 1kg diced chicken is now $1.50 cheaper and the supermarket’s Heart Smart beef stir fry 500g pack has had $2 taken off the price.


The supermarket has also shaved off up to 80 cents on salad options to complete the more affordable autumn dinner. Kids will benefit from the price drop, with cheese, yoghurt and fruit packs all getting a small discount.

When does the deal kick in?

You can access Woolworths’ lower-priced items from today (February 28) until May 28.

The supermarket has also earmarked a bunch of cleaning items that will be cheaper over the next three months. A 45-pack of Dynamo Professional 7in1 Laundry Detergent Capsules has plummeted from $43 to just $30.

Pine O'Cleen Multi Purpose Spray Varieties 750ml bottles have been halved from $7 to $3.50, while a 90-pack of Dettol Protect 24-hour Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes is now $7.80 instead of $13.


How does Coles compare?

A comparison of Coles and Woolies prices reveals little difference on several items, however they pull ahead of each other on different items.

Roast Pork Leg

Woolworths: $9 per kilogram (down from $11/kg)

Coles: $11 per kilogram

Cheapest: Woolies

Dynamo Professional 7in1 Laundry Detergent Capsules 45 pack

Woolworths: $30 (down from $43)

Coles: $31

Cheapest: Woolies

Yoplait Vanilla Yoghurt 1kg

Woolworths: $4.90 (down from $5.50)

Coles: $4

Cheapest: Coles

Doritos Corn Chips Cheese Supreme

Woolworths: $3 (down from $4.80)

Coles: $3

Cheapest: Tie

Pine O'Cleen Multi Purpose Spray Varieties 750ml

Woolworths: $3.50 (down from $7)

Coles: $3.50

Cheapest: Tie

Eyes will soon be on Coles to see whether it also makes some of its items cheaper as we head into autumn. Yahoo Finance has contacted the supermarket to see if it has any deals on the horizon.

‘Dodgy and confusing specials’

A large majority of Australians get confused about the promotions being posted by Woolies and Coles, according to a recent survey. CHOICE surveyed nearly 11,000 people and 83 per cent said they didn’t always know if they were getting a good deal.

"While the two major supermarkets each post over a billion dollars in profit, many households are at breaking point from the rising cost of food,” CHOICE senior campaigns and policy adviser Bea Sherwood, said.

“To make matters worse, supermarkets are using a number of confusing promotional practices that make it very difficult for customers to work out if they're actually saving money on their groceries or not.

“Over the past year, CHOICE has found countless examples of dodgy and confusing specials at both Coles and Woolworths. In December last year, Coles was forced to apologise after we caught them red-handed raising prices on products they had promised would remain 'locked' for a certain period of time.”

CHOICE has made several submissions to the Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Prices to keep the likes of Coles and Woolies accountable.

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