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Coles leaps in as Woolworths drops price of more than 400 items: When you can get cheaper groceries

Shoppers are starting to benefit from inflationary pressures on vegetables easing.

Australian shoppers battling the rising cost of living win again as Coles leaps in to undercut Woolworths after the supermarket giant announced the price of more than 400 items were being dropped.

Woolworths said there was $620 worth of savings for Australian shoppers across the 400 items, including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and seafood, pantry staples, and household-cleaning items. Sausages were the headliner, dropping 600 gram packs by almost 30 per cent to $5 - the “lowest price on individual packs since 2019”.

When approached by Yahoo Finance, Coles said it would also drop the price of their 550g pack of sausages from $6.60 to $4.50 and 560g of Simply sausages from $6.50 to $4.60.

That puts them at $7 per kilogram, while Woolworths, which made the first announcement, is now at the higher figure of $8.33 per kilogram.

Woolworths store front.
Woolworths has announced its dropping the price of 400 items, as shoppers benefit from an inflationary drop in vegetable prices.

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The spokeswoman said the price of 600 products would be dropped from Wednesday, the same as Woolworths, but that they had only been locked in until at least January 2. Woolworths said its 400 products would remain at lower prices until February 27 next year.


When will vegetables get cheaper? Now, actually.

Outside the ‘price drop’ promotions, the cost of vegetables is trending downward and shoppers are starting to reap the benefits. Woolworths said the cost of some items - like vine-ripened tomatoes, quarter-cut red and savoy cabbages, blueberries and five packs of avocados are about 40 per cent cheaper than October last year.


“Some of the highlights across categories of vegetables include tomatoes, sweetcorn, and capsicums (all down by 20 per cent, on average, compared to last year),” Woolworths said.

“While for fruit, blueberries and avocados as a whole are down an average 35 per cent compared to last year. Looking ahead, summer fruits - including cherries and stone fruit - are set to be in abundance, which means better pricing. Mangoes are also currently great value, starting from $2.50 for Calypso mangoes from Wednesday.”

Coles said it had also been able to reduce the price of vegetables with deflation, including corn (-37 per cent), capsicum and zucchini (both -30 per cent) and eggplant (-20 per cent).

“Our stonefruit and cherry season is looking very strong with this week's forecasted wet weather the watch out,” the Coles spokeswoman told Yahoo Finance.

Stonefruit, avocados and melons will have a retail price 10 per cent, 40 per cent, and 15 per cent lower, respectively, year on year, at Coles.

Here are some of the products Coles and Woolworths have reduced the price on.

What has Woolworths dropped the price of?

  • Woolworths 600g sausages - from $7 to $5

  • Baby leaf mix 300g - from $5 to $4

  • Inghams Chicken Wing Nibbles 1kg - from $9 to $7

  • Pepsi Max Bottles 450ml 12 pack - from $20 to $14

  • Green Beanette pre pack 300g - from $4.50 to $3

  • Corn Cobbettes 425g - from $5.50 to $3.75

  • Mix A Mato Mini Tomatoes 320g - from $5.90 to $3.75

What has Coles dropped the price of?

  • Coles RSPCA Chicken Breast Fillets large pack - from $11 to $10

  • Coles RSPCA Chicken Drumsticks large pack - from $4.50 to $4

  • Thomson’s Deli English Style Ham Quad Pack 400g - from $7 to $6

  • Capilano Pure Honey upside down squeeze - from $8.60 to $7.50

  • Coles Finest white sourdough Vienna loaf - from $7 to $6.50

  • Doritos Cheese Supreme Corn Chips 380g - from $8.50 to $6

  • Pampas Sheets Frozen Pastry Puff kg - from $6.50 to $5.50

  • Steggles Chicken Breast Tenders crumbed 400g - from $10.50 to $5.50

  • Lifesavers Icy Pole 8 pack - from $9 to $6

Aussies benefit as Coles and Woolworths fight for shoppers’ cash

We’ve been covering the price war between Coles and Woolies pretty extensively because it’s been a chance for shoppers to claw back some money in the cost-of-living crisis.

Woolworths matched the price of Christmas ham after Coles announced it was dropping the cost to $8 per kilogram.

They’ve both released Christmas ranges and shoppers were told how they could leverage the promise of feeding a family of eight for under $10. You can find a price comparison here.

Coles also announced it would be dropping the price of lamb from $10 a kilogram to $8 shortly after Woolworths earlier this month.

Woolies said it was “the lowest promotional price on lamb leg roasts since February 2017 and the lowest regular price on lamb since June 2013”, with consumers responding well.

“We’ve seen strong customer demand to our recent Prices Dropped program, including 20 per cent off all our standard lamb cuts, where customers bought 60 per cent more lamb chops and cutlets in the first week of the program,” Woolworths supermarkets managing director Natalie Davis said.

From loin chops to cutlets, we broke down the prices for you here.

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