Woman has ‘guaranteed’ hack to know if your boyfriend is cheating: ‘He admitted it’

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A woman claims she has a “100% guaranteed” technique to find out if your boyfriend is cheating.

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TikToker Kenzie Marie Curran used her method to find out her long-distance boyfriend of two years was hooking up with women on Snapchat. Her plan was to catch him off-guard, then demand he gives her access to his Snapchat feed. It actually worked.

Comedian LaLa lives out her high school fantasy and splurges on vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton:

“How I found out my boyfriend of two years cheated on me. I promise you, the way I found out, if you use this, you will find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you,” Curran said. “100%. It’s literally guaranteed.”

Curran FaceTimed her boyfriend one night after making sure he was home. She wanted to ensure he wasn’t busy to have enough time to respond to her. She told her boyfriend to prop his phone on a pillow and fold his hands in front of him where she could see them.

She then asked for his Snapchat password (Curran suspected he was using the app to cheat). The boyfriend made excuses saying he couldn’t remember it.

In the follow-up video, her next trick was to ask him to screen record his Snapchat feed. If there was evidence of his infidelity, it would be there. The boyfriend pretended to send her a screen recording. When Curran didn’t get it, he insisted it wasn’t going through. Then, he was forced to own up to his bad behavior.

“He admitted it right when he said he didn’t send it because he literally couldn’t find a way out of it,” Curran wrote in the video caption.

Curran’s two videos racked up nearly 4 million views. The reactions were a bit mixed.

“I’ve done something very similar! You go, girl,” someone commented.

“If you have to do this in relationships, don’t get in them. If they can’t be honest with you, then just leave,” another said.

“I did this too, and he accidentally sent the one he forgot to crop, and I saw what I needed too,” a person wrote.

YouTuber Alisha Marie goes shopping for bags from Chanel and other luxury designer brands:

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