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Woman disgusted by in-laws’ ‘gross’ dinnertime habits: ‘This is just plain weird’

Emerald Pellot
·2-min read

A woman is fed up with her in-law’s food and doesn’t want to eat it any longer.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She and her in-laws have entirely different tastes. They mock her quinoa and salads, while she politely declines their ranch and mayo-slathered foods. She and her husband have continuously tried to find a solution, but each time, their in-laws dismiss them. Now she is refusing to meet up with the in-laws if there is food involved. 

“My in-laws are so nice, but their taste in food is … gross,” she explained. “I’m talking inches of mayo on simple sandwiches, ranch dressing poured all over everything, food covered in cheese, deep-fried this and that, and for a vegetable … corn slathered in butter. It’s all beige and tasteless because they don’t season food unless it comes in seasoning packets, and they salt everything within an inch of its life. Almost every time I eat there I have the worst stomach ache.”

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She and her husband agreed the solution was to avoid food whenever they’re around the in-laws — but that didn’t seem to work. 

“So the solution is to obviously hang out without food, right?” she wrote. “I started suggesting we go to the park, the zoo, on nice hikes, etc. But then eventually someone would say, ‘Sure, but then let’s meet back here for a nice lunch!’ I would recommend ordering pizza and then get myself a nice healthy salad, they’d complain about how I’m no fun and think I’m better than them. My husband finally put his foot down and said that we won’t be meeting up to do food anymore and my mother-in-law made a huge stinky fit about it, saying that we were ruining everything and being too picky and we thought we were better than they are.”

Reddit users thought the couple made the correct decision.

“This is just plain weird. She thinks she’s better than them because she eats salad? ” one user said.

“People should allow others to eat the diet of their choice,” another wrote.

“They’re projecting their own insecurities onto you,” a person commented

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