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How to watch Westpac OpenAir cinema for free

Some film lovers enjoy this view for free. (Image: OpenAir cinema, Lucasfilm Ltd)

Westpac OpenAir cinema is arguably the best outdoor movie experience in Sydney, with blockbusters shown with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as the backdrop.

This sort of scenery doesn't come cheap – adults pay $40 for a standard seat, with lounge upgrades potentially taking the price up to $70. And that's before any food and drink purchases.

But some Sydneysiders have found a simple hack to get around this expense.

Yahoo Finance has observed dozens of film lovers sitting on the hill behind the Fleet Steps – just behind the paid area – to watch the film without impediment.

Some even packed a picnic to enjoy with the movie.

And they were under no threat from any security guards moving them on, as they were on public land.

A Westpac OpenAir spokesperson told Yahoo Finance that the organisation currently doesn't consider the volume of freeloaders significant enough to worry about.

"If numbers outside were to become substantial, that area could be cordoned off as it is for opera, but at this stage it’s not and isn’t necessary."

The spokesperson claimed the freeloaders get a substandard experience because of the distance to the screen and sound. 

"Many don’t last the film," said the spokesperson. 

"In terms of experiencing the film as it was intended, you’d get a better experience in your living room than you would outside the event."

But contrary to this, Yahoo Finance observed dozens of smiling people lasting the entire length of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which is a near-3 hour epic.

"Persons who have paid $40 to enter get to experience every aspect of the event, including bar and restaurant access, grandstand seating, surround sound and unobscured views of the screen," the spokesperson said.

Do you have any summer freebie hacks? Please let us know.

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