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What the universe has to say about your 2022 money prospects

A woman wearing glasses sits on a feathered throne
Manifestor Linda Willow Roberts shares her 2022 predictions with Yahoo Finance (Source: supplied)

The future is often uncertain and after the unprecedented times we’ve had over the past two years there are many pinning hopes on 2022 being the year it all turns around—but will it? Yahoo Finance asked Manifestor Linda Willow Roberts for her thoughts on what the New Year will look like.

For anyone (like me) clueless as to the difference between a manifestor and, say, a psychic or medium, Roberts says a manifestor trusts in the creative spirit and universe completely.

Although similar to the ‘gut feeling’ many of us get about a person or situation, Roberts it’s 24/7 tuned in to the present moment to see the signs. Here are her predictions and advice.

Pay off any debt

Roberts says the real focus of 2022 should be on the things that really matter, like finding your purpose and your true intention for work. But she says money plays a strong part too.

“If I could say anything to everybody about their savings ... pay off your debt,” Roberts said.

"Things are going to be a bit short [in 2022] so pay off your debt and make sure that you're putting some money away for the rainy day."

Roberts says she doesn't like to dwell on negative aspects of life and prefers to look positively on the future, but this includes everybody being able to put themselves in a positive situation (financially or otherwise).

“It's really about taking responsibility for yourself and what you do with your relationship with money and your finances and not blaming the government, not blaming the situation, or other people," she said.

"It's actually that you take a responsibility. How you spend money is your responsibility.

“Having those balanced partnerships and standing strong on having those personal convictions, it's really going to change, I think, in 2022 about people standing on their convictions and their relationship with their finances.”

The year of the 6

Roberts says 2022 adds up to a year six.

"Having triple twos is a magnifier and on the periodic table, it's a six,” she said.

“It’s carbon. It means coal and diamonds, and it's the single element of carbon.

"It's also about carbon dioxide and acid acidification and pH levels and cleaning up our oceans and alkalising our bodies.

“It's about cleaning up your life really, and it's especially about your relationship with money. 2021 was about humanity and 2022 is about choice, peace and patient balance in case of personal growth.”

22 creates a ‘magnifying energy’

The double twos in 2022 gives us a magnifying energy, Roberts says, adding that the first half of the year will be more positive than the July-December period.

“Two is balance, and it can also be duality about partners, partnerships and cooperation and relationships,' she said.

"So those people that are in partnerships, they could be looking to dissolve them, they could be looking at who they go into business with more than normal.

“It's looking at you and what you want out of life.”

Tigers in business

2022 is also the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac - from February 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

Roberts says tigers are powerful and passionate - something to factor into your new year.

“Financially, when you're looking at businesses, people are going to be wanting to do businesses that they're passionate about, and find their life purpose,” she said.

“Tigers are also really good at ambushing their prey, so you can imagine that there's going to be some takeovers next year that you're not going to see coming, and then they hide the taxes. They do mark the territory. So you're going to see a little bit of that in business next year as well.

A Tiger walks out of dark forest towards the camera.
Tigers are stealth hunters and set themselves up in the best position. (Source: Getty)

“If you look at where in the world tigers can be found, you're looking at Siberia, Russia, Asia, India, and it will be interesting to watch these countries in 2022.

"We don't have a lot of manufacturers in Australia, ao it could be that those countries keep a lot of their wares, and manufactured things and we find it hard here in Australia to get those products to us. That's sort of how I'm looking at that.”

Tigers are stealthy animals, who set themselves up in the best position to stalk and hunt their prey, Roberts adds.

Property sales

The property market has left many questioning where they will live and what they'll do for a house.

Roberts says the curveball in property has hit many, but it’s key to remember the 222 is about balance.

As house prices soared across the nation, in Tasmania, Roberts felt driven to sell out of the blue after the decision manifested.

“I went within and nothing was shifting and I was getting a bit impatient,” Roberts said.

"And then, out of nowhere, it was ‘sell your property’ and then the steps started to open up."

With plans to build, concerns for building materials shortages are forefront of Roberts’ mind but she is certain the move to sell in 2021 was the right call, with things set to be different on the property market in 2022.

5 Final predictions for 2022

Lastly we asked for any other insights Roberts might have into 2022. Here's what she said.

  • 2022 is for ambition and turning your dreams into reality.

  • Arts and music are going to come to the forefront. When you think about how musically starved that we've been, of course when that all starts up again, people are going to grab for that.

  • Something will be happening around ocean cleanup. I’d certainly like to see our oceans get cleaned up.

  • People will be looking at alkalising their bodies (removing acidity) to improve their gut feelings, starting with upping their water intake.

  • Waterways will continue to play a role in our lives (such as finding COVID-19 virus in wastewater around the country) and potentially a cleaning of the waterways is in order.

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