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18 international destinations you could fly to with your tax return

Pictured: Auckland, Singapore, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Paris and London. Images: Getty
Oh the places you'll go. Images: Getty

It’s tax time, and it’s winter, which means that not only will Australians be heading off overseas, they might be doing so with some extra cash to spend.

And while the average tax refund was $2,547 in 2018, you can still enjoy an international holiday even if you only got $500 or less back, Skyscanner explains.

“Travel is so rewarding and luckily, there are plenty of holiday options to suit all budgets making a ‘treat yourself tax-back trip’ achievable no matter the size of your refund,” Skyscanner travel expert Emily Cairns said.

“This year, the government is promising to finalise most tax returns within 12 business days so you could be closer to booking a tax refund funded holiday than you think.”

Prices are for flights in August, leaving from Sydney.

I got less than $500, where can I fly to?

Return flights to Singapore are currently going for as little as $395 on Skyscanner, which could be perfect if you’re in the mood for some char kway teow and laksa.

If you’re feeling like some adventure, you could make your way to Auckland (and back) for just $285 and check out the country that was the setting for the hit Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

What if I got $500 - $1,000 back?

In addition to Singapore and New Zealand, you could head to Hawaii, with return flights for as little as $685.

Perhaps some nice treks are in order, and you can also hang out with the friendly locals.

If you want to be even more tropical, return flights to Fiji are also as little as $636.

Sushi more your thing? Return trips to Tokyo are going for $906. You could also head to Beijing for $460, or check out Vietnam’s enigmatic capital, Ho Chi Minh city for just $477 return.

Then there’s Delhi, where you can experience the incredibly fast-paced Indian city for $879 return.

And if I got $1,000 - $2,000?

Say ‘Hola!’ to Buenos Aires for $1,512 return, or Santiago from $1,023.

The zebras in South Africa are calling, so it’s a good thing flights to Johannesburg can be as little as $1,588 return.

If you’re feeling like pastries, return flights to Paris are going for $1,226 and to London for $1,415.

Mauritius is another option, at just $1,724.

What if I got $2,000+?

In addition to literally all of these destination, Havana in Cuba is also at your fingertips.

Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of this historic destination for $2,931.

If you’re not looking to spend quite so much, Mykonos is a picturesque town with great food. Get there for $2,344 return.

But you also can’t forget the pyramids of Egypt. Head to Cairo for $2,316.

And if you feel like paying a visit to Princess Mary of Denmark, you could fly to Copenhagen for $2,029.

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