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3 things employers are looking for in your job interview

This is what employers are looking for in your job interview. Source: Getty
This is what employers are looking for in your job interview. Source: Getty

Have you ever wondered what’s going through an employer’s head when they’re interviewing you for a job?

Wonder no more.

Indeed’s head of career advice, Jay Munro, has spilled the details to Yahoo Finance on the top three things employers are considering when you’re sitting in a job interview.

Here are employers’ top 3 considerations when interviewing you

1 . How the candidate presents themselves

It’s probably no shock to find out that what you wear and how you look in an interview is important, but a whopping 64 per cent of employers rated candidate presentation as the top consideration.

And presentation isn’t just how you dress - which is important - it’s also attitude.

“Being positive and motivating is also important,” Munro says.

2 . Culture and fit

Almost just as important as presentation (61 per cent of employers rated this as the top consideration) is whether the candidate fits the workplace’s culture.

“This one is a little controversial,” Munro said, “because you don’t just want to hire clones.”

“It’s more culture-add - is this person going to add to or complement the existing culture?”

Munro said this consideration goes a bit towards attitude and personality. Generally, if you’re a positive and motivating candidate, you’ll fit the workplace’s culture.

3 . The type of questions you ask

Over half of all employers rate this as a top consideration in a job interview.

“It’s more than research about the company, it’s thought.”

Munro said a great way to show you’ve put deeper thought into an interview is to look up news articles in relation to not only the company, but the industry you’re going to be working for.

“That way you can ask questions like, ‘what’s the company’s stance on X?’,” Munro said.

And even if you’re coming to the job with some experience in the industry, it’s a good idea to ask questions in the interview that clarify what your new job might require of you outside of your prior knowledge.

5 top tips for nailing that interview

1 . Be punctual

This is a no-brainer, but it’s the second-biggest frustration for employers after not researching the job/company.

But, while you should never be late - being too early can show you can’t keep to a schedule.

“A few minutes early is fine, but 15 to 30 minutes early is too much.”

2. Dress appropriately

Given the top consideration is presentation, this is a must.

“Dress for the job,” Munro said.

“If you’re going for a job as a designer, you probably won’t need a suit. But, if you’re an investment banker, you will.

“It’s better to be the best-dressed in the room, rather than the worst. If you’re the only one in the room wearing a suit jacket, you can always take it off.”

3. Don’t swear

This tip needs no explanation.

4. Be aware of personal hygiene

“It’s more important than you might think,” Munro said.

5. Have good body language

Body language is key to showing confidence and positive attitude.

“A good way to do this is to use the ‘mirroring’ technique,” Munro said.

This means mirroring the way the interviewer is sitting.

“There’s a caveat to this though,” Munro said, “which is if they’re sitting with closed body language and folded arms, don’t do that. But, don’t look too relaxed if they are.”

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