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TOP UP, DON’T FILL UP: Suburbs where petrol is cheapest this Easter

Jessica Yun
<em>(Photo: Getty)</em>
(Photo: Getty)

Petrol prices in most Australian capital cities are hitting their peak – and the good news is that they’re expected to ease lower as Easter approaches.

Prices in Adelaide and Brisbane are at the highest point in their cycle, with Sydney near the peak as well.

Melbourne prices peaked mid-last week and will ease down for Easter, and Perth prices are expected to fall after hitting its peak today (Tuesday).

Aussies should top up their petrol – but not fill up – as they go, according to petrol analysis by, Jenny Williams.

“We advise motorists in most major cities to hold off filling up until closer to Easter where possible.”

In a snapshot

These are the suburbs across a number of Aussie capital cities that recorded the lowest petrol prices on Sunday night:

Suburbs with the lowest average unleaded petrol price on Sunday evening 14 April 2019 (cents per litre)


The city-by-city breakdown


Interestingly, Sydney motorists have been paying the lowest petrol prices of every capital city at an average of 131.4 cpl. Sydney’s eastern suburbs have the highest prices over the January quarter, with prices lower in Fairfield and Liverpool.

Tip: Rockdale has the cheapest recorded petrol price as of early this week at 126.9 cpl.

“Motorists are being urged to top up their petrol rather than filling up in the lead up to Easter, until prices ease further,” said in a statement.


Melbourne prices peaked mid-last week and are easing downwards, with motorists in this city paying 134.8 cpl on average over the last quarter. Footscray saw cheaper prices at 132.2 cpl while Greensborough and Ivanhoe saw the most expensive prices at 137.3 cpl on average last quarter.

Tip: Avoid Hastings, which recorded the most expensive petrol prices as of early this week at 159.9 cpl.


This city has the second-highest fuel price among all capital cities over the last quarter at an average of 135.7 cpl. Bayside motorists were paying the most for petrol (137.3 cpl), while far South Brisbane saw the lowest prices at 133.5 cpl.

Tip: Mackenzie had the cheapest recorded petrol price at 135.3 cpl as of early this week.


Similar to Brisbane, average fuel prices in the City of Churches over the last quarter were at 135.2 cpl. Motorists in Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs were paying 3.7 cpl more than their counterparts in the Western and Beach suburbs where petrol prices were cheapest.

Tip: Virginia saw the cheapest petrol prices early this week at 129.9 cpl.


Motorists will enjoy the falling petrol prices after the cycle hits its peak today (Tuesday). However, don’t leave it too late to fuel up – prices will spike up again after Easter Monday. The average price over the last quarter sits at 134.1 cpl. The most expensive region to fuel up has been the North region at 134.4 cpl.

Tip: Southern River and South Lake both recorded the lowest petrol prices on Sunday night at 130.7 cpl.


Canberra motorists have had it the roughest over the last quarter with average petrol prices at 142.4 cpl.

Tip: Holt saw the cheapest recorded petrol price in Canberra early this week at 137.9 cpl.

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