REVEALED: sneaky way to ALWAYS get 5% off groceries or petrol

Image: composite of AAP Images.
Image: composite of AAP Images.

A way to immediately get a discount at Woolworths or Coles for groceries without hunting for bargains has been revealed.

Social media users spotted that membership with a motoring club – like NRMA in NSW, RACV in Victoria and RACQ in Queensland – grants you a chance to buy gift cards for supermarkets or petrol stations at a discount to its face value.

Yahoo Finance has confirmed this, with both RACV and RACQ offering Woolworths gift cards at 5 percent lower than face value. RACQ also has Coles cards on sale at 4 percent below its spending worth.

For example, a Woolworths gift card that contains $100 of spending power can be purchased for $95 with RACV and RACQ.

Image: Yahoo Finance screenshot of RACV website
Image: Yahoo Finance screenshot of RACV website

Woolworths cards are especially useful as it can be used at the supermarket as well as alcohol stores Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Cellarmasters; department store Big W; and Caltex Woolworths co-branded petrol stations.

Customers of Suncorp insurance products also have the same opportunities afforded to them, with Coles gift cards available at a 5 percent markdown. Popular coupon book Entertainment Book is also known to offer discounted supermarket gift cards.

While NRMA discontinued the Woolworths gift card privilege last year, it offers up to 5 cents per litre off fuel at Caltex via its members’ mobile app.

There is no minimum spend for the petrol discount, which is 5 cents per litre for premium fuels and 3 cents for regular fuels like unleaded and E10.

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