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Top 20 cars with the best resale value revealed

Toyota and Honda lead the way for car brands holding their value, new research has revealed.

Looking for a new car but don’t want its value to dramatically plunge after you drive away? An expert has revealed the cars that hold their value the best and the ways you can maximise your car’s resale value.

Whether you drive a luxury sedan or an SUV, the reality is your car is likely to lose its value from the day you buy it. Depending on the new car you choose, it’s estimated that between 10 to 15 per cent of its value will vanish the moment you drive it away.

But AutoGrab chief commercial officer Saxon Odgers told Yahoo Finance there are ways you can help retain your car’s resale value, including choosing the right car in the first place.

Toyota Yaris and other cars.
A Toyota Yaris is among the cars the hold their value the best, new research has found. (Source: Getty)

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“Some car brands retain their value better than others due to factors like reliability, brand perception, and resale demand,” Odgers said.


“Toyota vehicles are proof of this, with the cars showing strong retained value in the Automotive Insights Report. Cars with a history of reliability issues may depreciate more quickly.”

Some near-new Toyota models, for example, are worth more on average than what they cost new. Here’s a look at the car makes and models with the highest average retained values.


Top 10 cars and SUVs: 2-4 years old


  1. Toyota 86 - 109.5%

  2. Toyota Yaris - 103.4%

  3. Honda Jazz - 99.8%

  4. Suzuki Swift - 97.1%

  5. Ford Mustang - 95.4%


  1. Suzuki Jimny - 126.3%

  2. Toyota Landcruiser - 109.9%

  3. Toyota Yaris Cross - 105.7%

  4. Land Rover Defender - 97.8%

  5. Toyota RAV4 - 96.2%

Top 10 cars and SUVs: 5-7 years old


  1. Mitsubishi Mirage - 123.3%

  2. Fiat 500 - 113.5%

  3. Toyota Yarris - 93.5%

  4. Toyota Prius C - 92.3%

  5. Kia Picanto - 87.9%


  1. Toyota Landcruiser - 89.6%

  2. Suzuki Ignis - 87.4%

  3. Nissan Patrol - 83.0%

  4. Jeep Wrangler - 82.3%

  5. Toyota Fortuner - 78.8%

Top tips to maximise your car’s resale value

Along with brand reputation, Odgers said high mileage, poor maintenance history and a history of accidents or damage could cause a car to depreciate faster.

“When possible, opt for other modes of transport for shorter trips to slow down your car’s depreciation rates,” Odgers said.

“Regular maintenance helps preserve a car's condition and value. Being able to demonstrate regular servicing will build confidence in purchasers and reduce depreciation.”

Economic factors, such as fluctuations in fuel prices, interest rates, changing consumer preferences, and supply factors can also impact depreciation rates.

Buying a used car is another way to avoid rapid depreciation, Odgers said, along with doing your research into the specific make and model and its average retained value.

“Consumers looking for vehicles that maintain their value over time will find comfort in the consistency of Toyota and Honda,” Odgers said.

“The data highlights the market demand for these models, offering reassurance to both current owners and prospective buyers alike."

In terms of which cars to avoid, one Aussie mechanic told Yahoo Finance Volkswagen, Jeeps, SsangYong and Land Rovers often run into common problems and are expensive to fix.

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