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These are the top 10 places to work in 2019, according to you

These are the 10 best places to work worldwide. Source: Getty

A good workplace can make or break your time there, and if you only want to work for the best workplaces, we now know who they are.

Indeed’s global Top 50 Top-Rated Workplace list is out, and there it features some familiar names - and some surprising ones.

The data was pooled from the job-site’s 150 million employee reviews.

Here are the top 10 workplaces worldwide:

  1. Adobe

  2. Facebook

  3. Southwest Airlines

  4. Live Nation

  5. Intuit

  6. Costco Wholesale

  7. Delta

  8. eBay

  9. Microsoft

  10. Johnson & Johnson

And Indeed’s gone as far as to tell us why they’re rated so highly.

According to one employee, Adobe tops the list because it “truly lives up to its values”, and the “leadership is insightful, forward-looking, and has successfully guided the company through its largest transformation in history, reaching all-time record profits and revenue.”

Facebook’s second place was credited to a “great atmosphere and credible training experience”.

Who else features in the Top 50 workplaces worldwide?

Other workplaces with Aussies offices in the top 50 are Apple, Nike, Foot Locker and even Starbucks.

The Hilton hotel chain, Investment manager BlackRock and software company Salesforce all make the list.

Indeed's Top 50 workplaces worldwide. Source: Indeed

Why are positive workplaces so important?

According to Indeed, the power of online reviews and the tight labour market means it’s crucial for employers to create positive employee experiences to attract candidates and retain employees.

In fact, a positive workplaces leads to more engaged workers - which in turn creates a 20 per cent increase in productivity, and makes them 90 per cent more likely to stay with their current companies.

“An enjoyable work environment ladders up to the bigger theme of employee experience, which encapsulates everything an employee feels over the course of their journey at a company,” Indeed said.

“Consistently good employee experiences will lead to highly engaged candidates and an exceptional company culture, which are attributes these Top-Rated Workplaces share.”

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