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TikTok user reveals ‘mind-blowing’ hack for calculating tips: ‘Why did no one tell me this?’

·2-min read

A TikToker is going viral after sharing their trick for calculating tips on an Apple Watch.

The technology hack is just the latest of its kind to draw buzz on the app. In recent months, TikTokers have revealed how to send pre-scheduled texts on an iPhone, how to block spam messages and how to “fine-tune” the volume on a MacBook.

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This latest tip, from user @spanishkodeine, shows how you can calculate tips on an Apple Watch — even if you’re splitting the bill.

“I’ve had an Apple Watch for years… why I barely found out about this?” the TikToker captioned her post.

In the video, @spanishkodeine opens the calculator feature on her Apple Watch and types in the total cost of her bill. Then she hits the “tip” button, then enters the percentage tip she wants to give and the number of people in her party.

Many Apple Watch owners were stunned — mostly because they didn’t know the feature existed. Some said they’d always just used the calculator on their iPhone, even though that calculator doesn’t have a tipping feature.

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“Mind-blowing,” one user wrote.

“Why did no one tell me this?” another added.

“Why do iPhones not have this?” another asked.

Other commenters were quick to point out that it’s not that hard to calculate the tip on an iPhone — even without a feature for it. Still, who couldn’t use a little more convenience?

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