The suburb where 500 buyers are battling for a single property

If you’re looking to buy a property, you might want to avoid these competitive suburbs.

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People at property auction. Aerial shot of houses in Australia.
The most in-demand suburbs for property buyers have been revealed. (Source: Getty)

As the number of homes up for sale remains low, some suburbs have seen a massive spike in demand from potential buyers.

New data from PropTrack revealed the most in-demand suburbs where as many as 500 potential buyers were vying for a single property.

Greater Adelaide and Melbourne are seeing the most prospective buyers per listing. The most popular suburbs for houses included Upper Sturt in Adelaide, with 536 potential buyers per listing, Kangaroo Ground in Melbourne, with 484 potential buyers per listing, and Medindie in Adelaide, with 477 potential buyers per listing.

In comparison, the average number of potential buyers per listing across Australia is 66 for houses and 48 for units. That means Aussies are facing more than seven times more competition in the most in-demand locations.

New listings were down 11.1 per cent, year on year, in February, according to PropTrack, with nearly all capitals seeing fewer new listings compared to last year.

Top 10 most in-demand suburbs for houses

  1. Upper Sturt, SA - 536 buyers per listing

  2. Kangaroo Ground, Vic - 484 buyers per listing

  3. Medindie, SA - 477 buyers per listing

  4. Gruyere, Vic - 376 buyers per listing

  5. Belgrave South, Vic - 363 buyers per listing

  6. Chandler, Qld - 351 buyers per listing

  7. Mylor, SA - 333 buyers per listing

  8. Summertown, SA - 328 buyers per listing

  9. Warrandyte South, Vic - 314 buyers per listing

  10. Eerwah Vale, Qld - 313 buyers per listing

Top 10 most in-demand suburbs for units

  1. Bulli, NSW - 214 buyers per listing

  2. West Pennant Hills, NSW - 186 buyers per listing

  3. Croydon South, Vic - 184 buyers per listing

  4. North Plympton, SA - 183 buyers per listing

  5. Seaholme, Vic - 177 buyers per listing

  6. South Brighton, SA - 175 buyers per listing

  7. Semaphore, SA - 171 buyers per listing

  8. Greenacres, SA - 169 buyers per listing

  9. Albert Park, Vic - 168 buyers per listing

  10. Richmond, SA - 166 buyers per listing

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