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The most expensive state to run Christmas lights

How much each state spends on Christmas lights. Source: Getty

Around seven million Australian households will decorate their home in some way this Christmas, but for some, it’s a little more expensive. 

Assuming each of those households decorates for four weeks over the holiday period, Australia’s collective Christmas electricity spend will hit $22 million, Finder has revealed. 

The state where it’s most expensive to run your Christmas lights is South Australia, with the electricity bill for Adelaidians topping $16.9 million. 

Next is New South Wales, at $12.3 million, followed by Queensland at $10.5 million and Victoria at $10.4 million.

“One of the greatest things about this time of year is lit up houses – but between air con, pool pumps and lights, all this Christmas cheer can end up costing you,” Finder’s energy spokesperson Ben King told Yahoo Finance. 

How to reduce your spend over Christmas

If you want to cut down on your electricity bill this Christmas, but still participate in the festivities, King says there you can opt for energy-efficient lightbulbs, or better yet, go solar. 

“You can pick yourself up some solar powered lights from your local Kmart or Big W,” King said.

“No matter what kind of lights you choose, you should invest in a timer for your displays, that way they’re not running unnecessarily.” 

This means turning them off before you go to sleep. 

“If your energy bill is a concern for you this summer it might be time to try and find a cheaper plan or provider.

“The new year is a great time to get your finances in check and energy should be at the top of your list.”

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