Teachers make shocking discovery after hearing scratching sounds coming from kids’ book bags: ‘The poor thing’

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These teachers made a shocking and hilarious discovery after hearing scratching sounds coming from a child’s backpack!

An elementary school teacher shared a video on TikTok of the moment she made a shocking discovery after hearing strange sounds coming from the back of the classroom. The hilarious video, which racked up 12.7 million views and counting, showed how she and her fellow teachers went to investigate and found a live turtle in a child’s backpack!

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The video begins with a shot of a classroom. Along the wall hang cubbies filled with children’s notebooks and personal items. Beneath the cubbies, on hooks, hang a line of colorful child-sized backpacks. “While the kids were at the gym, my co-teacher and I were working silently on computers,” the TikToker explains in a caption. “We heard scratching sounds over and over, so we had to investigate all the backpacks.”

The camera pans up to show the TikToker’s co-teacher standing nervously and staring at the backpacks. “Open it,” says the TikToker. “I volunteer you.”

The co-teacher begins pulling items out of backpacks and peering inside. She nervously rummages through the bags, searching for the source of the scratching sound. At first neither teacher finds anything, but then the TikToker spots something moving inside one of the bags.

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“I think it’s a turtle!” the TikToker exclaims. “Look in the very back!”

Both teachers begin laughing as they contemplate what to do about the turtle.

“Oh my god, the poor thing! Why is it in there?” asks the co-teacher as the TikToker moves forward to film inside the bag, revealing a live turtle moving around in a pocket on top of a stack of pencils.

Both teachers begin laughing again, then recruit another teacher to help with the turtle. The third teacher picks up the turtle and places it in a plastic container.

The video ends as the teacher who removes the turtle explains that her student had talked to her about the turtle, without revealing he had it in his bag! “He talked to me about it for like half an hour!” she exclaims, while the other teachers laugh uproariously.

The teacher’s video had TikTokers cracking up!

“Meanwhile, the mom is back at home freaking out [and] trying to figure out what she’s going to tell her kid because she can’t find the turtle,” joked one TikToker.

“Tell me you’re a kindergarten teacher without telling me you’re a kindergarten teacher,” wrote another viewer.

“I’ll do you one better. My student found an adult chicken at the bus stop, put it in his backpack, had it in there all day, and took it home!” another viewer commented.

Fortunately, the teachers managed to find the turtle before any harm was done, and everyone had a good laugh!

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