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Super-train could slash Sydney to Melbourne travel time to 40min

Image: HyperloopTT

Forget the day-long car trip; a new super-fast train could cut travel times from Melbourne to Sydney to just 40 minutes.

The proposed tube system would achieve speeds of 1,223 km per hour by using magnetically levitated capsules to reduce air pressure and friction. Solar panels would also help power the transport.

The ambitious plan was detailed in a submission to a federal government inquiry into the use of automation and land-based mass transit by LA company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT).

Elon Musk pitched the technology in 2012, although he is not connected to HyperloopTT.

The system would extend from Adelaide to Melbourne and then up to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, meaning half the Australian population would have access.

The CEO of HyperloopTT, Bibop Gresta, described the technology as a “game-changer for Australian transport”.

“The HyperloopTT solution is ready to be deployed to solve Australia’s long-standing regional transport inefficiencies,” he said.

Problems like traffic congestion, population growth and poor air quality demand a solution, Gresta argued.

“The current interstate transportation system in Australia is broken like other parts of the world – inefficient, environmentally unfriendly and expensive,” the submission read.

“Hyperloop represents a step-change solution to Australia’s urban growth and congestion challenges.”

The submission does not include details about the cost or timeline, but notes it will have a full-scale prototype ready for testing in France in 2019.

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