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The world’s most powerful passports of 2020 revealed

The world's most powerful passports of 2020. Source: Getty

It pays to have an Asian passport, new data from residence and immigration firm Henley & Partners has revealed. 

The firm’s 2020 global passport index, which ranks each country’s respective passport by its ability to allow the holder into different countries without requiring a visa, has revealed that Japanese passports are the most powerful, allowing holders to travel to 191 countries without a visa. 

Singapore ranks second, with holders able to travel to 190 countries without a visa, and South Korea and Germany rank equal third, both allowing holders to enter 189 countries without a visa. 

Japan, Singapore and Germany also took out the top three spots in the firm’s global passport index last year.

Australia ranks ninth, with passport holders able to travel to 183 countries without a visa.

Here are the top ranked most powerful passports:

  1. Japan (191)

  2. Singapore (190)

  3. South Korea, Germany (189)

  4. Italy, Finland (188)

  5. Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark  (187)

  6. Sweden, France (186)

  7. Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria (185)

  8. United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Greece, Belgium (184)

  9. Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Czech Republic, Canada (183)

  10. Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary (181)

Here are the weakest passports:

  1. Congo, Bangladesh (41)

  2. Lebanon, Kosovo (40)

  3. Sudan, North Korea (39)

  4. Palestinian Territory, Nepal (38)

  5. Libya (37)

  6. Yemen (33)

  7. Somalia (32)

  8. Pakistan (32)

  9. Syria (29)

  10. Iraq (28)

  11. Afghanistan (26)

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