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Sophisticated Kmart scam promising free products dupes hundreds

Kmart scam promising free products dupes hundreds. Source: Getty

Kmart shoppers have been duped by a Facebook scam from ‘Kmart_Australia’ promising free baby products. 

Parenting site Practical Parenting noticed the scam, which asks users to enter a competition to celebrate the launch of Kmart’s new baby product range. 

The competition appears as a sponsored ad which uses Kmart’s legitimate logo and promises “15 lucky winners” a six month supply of Johnson’s baby products.

Once users click through to enter the scam competition, they are taken to a third party site that harvests users’ personal data. 

Kmart scam. Source: Practical Parenting

Users are asked how many children they have, and to disclose their household income, their email address and their contact number.

Kmart scam. Source: Practical Parenting

A Kmart spokesperson confirmed the competition is a scam.

"We can confirm this is not a Kmart promotion. This information shared has been taken extremely seriously and we are committed to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to report this,” the spokesperson said.

“We encourage anyone that has been affected by fraudulent activity to report them to Scamwatch at or report to Facebook. Alternatively customers can get in contact with our customer service team who will also raise this with Scamwatch."

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