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Son Heung-min's rampageous goal caused Jose Mourinho to reveal a funny new nickname (video)

Jose Mourinho's kid has apparently already glossed Son Heung-min with a great nickname, even before his wonder goal vs. Burnley. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

First of all, if you haven’t seen Son Heung-min’s march from his own end to Burnley’s goal in Tottenham’s 5-0 shellacking on Saturday, fix that now:

That audacious, fantastic candidate for goal of the season was met with suitable praise across social media ⁠— and from Spurs manager Jose Mourinho.

In his postgame media conference, Mourinho admitted his own son has a nickname for Son:

“Even before (this goal), my son calls him ‘Sonaldo.’ ‘Sonaldo Nazário.’ And today he was Sonaldo Nazário.”

Mourinho’s referring to the Brazilian Ronaldo, a physically gifted legend who won two World Cups and terrified defenses for well over a decade.

Here’s the Associated Press video of Mourinho’s comments:

It’s been quite a week for Ronaldo, whom Zlatan Ibrahimovic said was better than Cristiano Ronaldo a few days ago.

It’s been quite a start for Mourinho’s Spurs, too, who have now won four of five matches since he took charge.

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