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6 countries that’ll pay Aussies to move there

Tempt yourself with these great relocation incentives.

Fed up with the hustle and bustle of life in Australia and toying with the idea of a permanent sea change?

Or maybe it's the call of adventure and exploring somewhere new that’s got you picturing packing up your bags and packing it all in?

Whatever the reason, countries across the world are throwing out lifelines for those looking to set up home in a different corner of the planet, and are putting some serious cash behind it.

Here’s a list of six places offering incentives to relocate there.

Albinen, Switzerland

The village of Albinen in Switzerland - a picturesque place to move to.
Situated on the sunny side of the Rhone Valley, Albinen is one of the most beautiful mountain villages to move to in the Valais. (Source: (

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In a bid to boost the town’s dwindling population, the country is happy to hand over $33,898 to every adult that moves to Albinen and an extra $16,949 for every child they bring with them. That means a family of four could pocket $101,694 for transporting their life to Switzerland.


There are a couple of catches though. Only those under 45 years old and Swiss residents are eligible for the bonus. That means you need to have lived in the country for 12 years in total, or have married a Swiss person and applied for citizenship. You’ll also need to commit to living in Albinen for a minimum of 10 years and be able to purchase a home worth at least $339,000.

Antikythera, Greece

A port on Antikythera island - a beautiful place to move to.
Antikythera island in Greece is a picture-perfect paradise to move to. (Source: Getty) (Getty Images)

To combat a decline in residents, the Greek Orthodox Church on the island of Antikythera has introduced a plan for families to move there.


In exchange for the ultimate sea change, incoming locals will get a home, a piece of land, and will be paid $826 every month for the first three years they live there.

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Candela, Italy

A street in Candela.
Candela is a quaint medieval town in Italy's southeast. Source: (Source: Getty) (Getty Images)

Expats looking for ‘la dolce vita’ could find themselves a new life in Candela, a small town in south-eastern Italy of around 2,700 people.

The village is hoping to tempt new residents in with a $1,322 payment for singles, $2,148 for couples and $3,306 for families.

All you have to do is rent a property and pick up a job that pays at least $12,000 each year.

Ponga, Spain

Village in the mountains.
Ponga in Spain offers a peaceful lifestyle with all the mountain air you could need. (Source: Getty) (Getty Images)

With young people leaving small towns across Spain in favour of larger cities, local governments have introduced incentives to draw in foreigners.

Ponga, a small village in the mountain region of northern Spain with around 500 residents, is offering young couples $4,957 to move there for five years.

If you bring kids with you or have a child while you’re living there, you’ll get an extra $4,957 for each child.


A night-time view of Santiago, Chile.
Chile could be the perfect place to get your startup off the ground. Source: (Source: Getty) (Getty Images)

If you have a mind for business, the South American country could be the place for you.

Through Startup Chile, foreigners can apply for one of their three programs. 'Build' is designed to help launch new startups by providing founders with $15,692 in funding and a one-year residence visa. 'Ignite' offers small companies already off the ground $39,227 to help expand, and 'Growth' puts up $117,691 for more advanced startups to help them innovate.

All three programs also offer coworking space, mentoring and investors.


Mauritius island.
Mauritius is calling all business-savvy expats. (Source: Getty) (Getty Images)

Island paradise and a kick start for your business? Sign us up!

Mauritius is offering entrepreneurs $661 to set up shop on the island east of Madagascar. All you have to do is present your business idea to a committee and get its tick of approval.