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5 countries which will pay YOU to live there

·Contributing editor
5 countries that will pay you to live there. Source: AAP/Yahoo Finance
5 countries that will pay you to live there. Source: AAP/Yahoo Finance

Many Aussies would love to explore and live in new places and countries around the world, but simply don’t have the funds to make the move.

But if you’re you one of them, there’s some good news.

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Whether it’s lower bills and taxes, financial incentives or help towards beginning a startup business, here are five countries which will actually pay you to move there.


Santiago, Chile. Source: AAP
Santiago, Chile. Source: AAP

Chile is attracting international talent to Santiago with an accelerator program that offers startups equity-free funding, a one-year visa and investor exposure. In exchange, the start-ups must earn “social capital points” by passing on skills to local entrepreneurs.

Start-Up Chile brings some 100 businesses to the country every year, which Chile hopes to retain with the promise of business-friendly tax laws and a low cost of living. The program has created more than 5,000 jobs across the world.


Mauritius. Source: AAP
Mauritius. Source: AAP

The beaches of the tropical haven of Mauritius may have been explored, but its business potential hasn’t been.

That’s why the government of Mauritius has started a very unique program that offers incentives to startups – whether it be in technology, business models, finance, innovation or something else.

But in order for your startup to be eligible, you have to prove to a committee that your idea is viable and will succeed. If you get approved you’ll get a modest allowance of 20,000 Mauritian Rupees (A$792.13).


Ireland. Source: AAP
Ireland. Source: AAP

This country wants to attract worldwide entrepreneurs. If you feel that your startup has a large growth probability, you can apply for funding with Enterprise Ireland.

If and when accepted, you would be rewarded with funds and the opportunity to live and work in Ireland.


Spain. Source: AAP
Spain. Source: AAP

The tiny village of Ponga in Spain is literally paying expats to move there.

It’s an old, ancient village with only a few inhabitants – less than 800 people living there, out which less than 50 are under 18 years old.

So the village put up the offer to pay young couples EUR3,000 (A$4,710) for moving there, and an extra EUR3,000 for every child, either born or moved there with the couple.


Italy. Source: AAP
Italy. Source: AAP

A once thriving and booming little town of Candela in Italy has a similar offer.

Facing a very real risk of becoming a ghost down,Candela has been in decline ever since the 60s. Now there are less than 2700, so the town’s mayor is offering money for people to move there.

The offer starts from EUR800 (A$1,256) for singles and over EUR2000 (A$3,140) for whole families of 4 or more.

But there’s a slight catch. Everyone that choose to accept this offer has to find a job there with a minimum salary of EUR7500 (A$11,776) euros per year.