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Side hustle offering 'easiest $50 you're ever going to make'

Amy only worked for two and a half hours and discovered it also helped her learn some skills.

An Aussie exploring all the side hustles that are available online has revealed a new way to score $50 for a few hours of work. With the cost-of-living crisis squeezing every last cent from Aussies' wallets, many are taking on second or third jobs to keep the lights on and food on the table.

Others are resorting to little side hustles that might not allow them to go on holiday but can help them pay for essentials or tide them over until payday. Amy discovered you could earn a decent amount of cash while learning some "super interesting" job skills.

Year13 helps young Aussies find what they’re passionate about by getting them to do modules and tasks, some of which you can get paid to do.

Amy has been looking at side hustles available to Aussies and found an easy way to make more than $50. (Source: TikTok)
Amy has been looking at side hustles available to Aussies and found an easy way to make more than $50. (Source: TikTok)

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Amy came across the website and discovered how easy it was to make money.


"It took me about two and a half hours and I got me $55," she said in a video. "You're basically getting paid to learn about different career opportunities."

She added: "I just spent a couple of hours doing all these modules and I earned $55 and it cashes out straight to PayPal. It's super, super easy and, once again, this is for Aussies only ... they just pay you to learn about different things.

"And honestly, some of the modules are actually super, super interesting ... It's literally the easiest 50 bucks you're ever going to make."

Amy has tried out dozens of ways to make a bit of money online and in another video she shared she earned nearly $40 in just one hour after doing a variety of market research and user testing.

There are plenty of methods to score some additional cash and while a lot of it can be found online, there are many offline ways to add to your bank account too.

Finder research released last year showed collecting recyclable cans and bottles, as well as selling pre-owned goods, were two of the most popular side hustles in Australia.

The data found there was a big generational divide over who was going into each of those hustles.

Selling pre-owned goods was more popular with younger Australians, with 37 per cent of millennials and 34 per cent of Gen Z doing this to make extra money, compared with only 30 per cent of Baby Boomers.

However, collecting recyclable cans and bottles was far more popular with older generations, with 48 per cent of Gen Xers doing it as opposed to only 18 per cent of Gen Z.

Interestingly, while collecting recyclables is the most popular, it typically earns the least amount of money, with people taking home on average around $46 per month from the hobby. Conversely, selling pre-owned goods was netting Aussies close to $900 per month.

More than 955,000 Aussies - or about 6.6 per cent of all working Aussies - currently have multiple jobs on the go, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data, which illustrates the lengths people are going to ensure they have enough money to get by.

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