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Side hustle earning Aussie $633 a week: ‘It’s easy’

This Aussie has spilled the beans on how much money he makes delivering UberEats.

A composite image of Ben Hutchinson from his TikTok showing how much money he has made through his side hustle.
This Aussie is making hundreds every week from his side hustle. (Source: TikTok @benblue01) (TikTok @benblue01)

An Aussie man has revealed the surprising amount of money he makes from his side hustle delivering UberEats.

Ben Hutchinson took to TikTok to reveal how many hours he worked and how much money he generated.

Hutchinson said he began delivering Uber as a way to encourage him to get out of the house, since he generally works from home.

“It’s perfect for me because I live alone and I work from home, so I have no reason to leave the house,” Hutchinson said.

“So, I actually started Uber driving as a way to get out of the house and then also make a little bit of extra money.”

In the video, Hutchinson said he worked 16 hours and 17 minutes in the week and brought in an impressive $633, before tax.

“I’m kind of surprised at how much money I’m actually making from it,” he said.

“So, if we break down $633 into 16 hours, it’s roughly around $40 an hour. Basically, from Monday to Friday, I usually do about an hour to an hour-and-a-half around lunchtime and then dinner time... and I did a little bit of an extra delivery on Sunday.”

Using promotions to bring in extra cash

It wasn’t just hard work and perseverance that helped Hutchinson bring in the money, but also taking advantage of Uber promotions.

“So, let me tell you something. When you’re doing Uber deliveries, you do get your net fare, so how much you actually make from the deliveries, but then they also have promotions,” he said.

“There were a few promotions that were on through the week that actually helped me make a bit more money. The promotions are always different, and they have them every single week. One of them was, like, do three deliveries between this time and this time and get an extra $18.

“If you need to make an extra couple hundred dollars a week or something, then you can always just do the promotion. So, you can always just do the deliveries and the promotions, that way you’ll make more money quickly. It’s easy.”

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