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Ranked: Australia’s fastest internet providers for NBN and Netflix

<em>Images: Getty, AAP</em>
Images: Getty, AAP

NBN has copped its fair share of doubt and criticism, not least for its botched roll-out, its slower-than-anticipated speeds and the higher-than-expected prices that have been pushed onto customers and telcos.

What might surprise you is that when it comes down to it, some NBN providers are faster than others.

Here are the speediest NBN providers, according to the ACCC:

<em>Source: The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission</em>
Source: The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission

TPG emerged as the winner, delivering maximum plan speed 88.4 per cent of the time during busy hours.

Following closely behind is Aussie Broadband, iiNet and Optus. Telstra came in second-last, with MyRepublic bottoming the lot.

However, the difference between first place and last place is only 6.3 per cent.

The fastest internet provider for streaming Netflix

For those who are only interested in having themselves a snug night in and the smoothest Netflix experience possible, you’re in luck: you don’t need the NBN for that.

According to the latest figures from Netflix’ ISP Speed Index, Telstra comes out on top when it comes to streaming Netflix during prime time in Australia, streaming 3.97 megabytes per second.

<em>Source: Netflix ISP Speed Index</em>
Source: Netflix ISP Speed Index

Exetel and Optus take silver and bronze, while Dodo/iPrimus come in fourth place.

TPG and iiNet bottom are bottom two on the list – but the competition is fierce, with iiNet’s download speed at 3.69 megabytes per second, only 0.28 Mbps difference from winner Telstra.

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